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BT TV Box Pro - Lip Sync Issues

I have just got a BT TV Box Pro which is connected to a Sony TV (Model XF9005) by HDMI  and a Sonos Beam soundbar connected to the TV by ARC. Generally I am pleased with the TV box. However, when set to surround sound there is a lip sync issue which makes it unwatchable. I am guessing that that is because the TV box cannot process the sound fast enough so that there is nothing to be done, but I would love to be corrected.

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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Lip Sync Issues

You can adjust the box's sound delay from the sound settings in the BT box's menu.  I find sound sync an absolute nightmare across the myriad of devices that I use; wish someone would introduce a standard for dealing with this problem in the AV industry.

Anyhoo, someone might be along with some sage advice, shortly...

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