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BT TV Pro Internet Mode New Setup

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Hi there,

Today took delivery of a BT TV Pro Box still waiting on FTTP setup later this month before switching to bt internet.
I attempted to install the BT TV Pro box using internet mode for free channels, without having a home hub installed (currently still have to depend on sky for internet until service is accessed).
Following the guide here

- Step 4 never happens, instead it tries to use arial (I suspect because it can't connect to the router)
- then gives up asking instead if I want to use internet mode.
- I select yes
- it cannot connect to the router
- it goes to the main screen but guide and apps are unavailable
- I power cycle it (its hard wired to the router, so it should be fine)
- now it can connect to router, and I can launch apps, watch content on them, and update the firmware (i do so)
- there are no live channels (tv guide cannot be loaded) and no option to select internet mode 
- I factory reset BT TV Pro box

The exact same happens again, except the firmware is already up to date.

I tried one more time, and still get the same result. It won't connect to the router until after its setup (seemingly not in internet mode) and power cycled. Frustratingly it seems there is no way to setup internet mode without a connection to the router, and I can't connect it to the router without setting it up then power cycling.

Perhaps it cannot work without being connected to the home hub? But that is a different issue to the reported router connection, and not clearly mentioned anywhere in the setup or sale.

Any idea whats going on here?

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Re: BT TV Pro Internet Mode New Setup

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You cannot get IPTV on a the Pro Box without a BT Internet connection. You will have to wait until your BT service is active.

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Re: BT TV Pro Internet Mode New Setup

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You mentioned the word "sale" , did you buy the Pro box?

So just to add what's been mentioned by @rbz5416 you can only get IP mode working with an active BT TV subscription.

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Re: BT TV Pro Internet Mode New Setup

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Yes, I was assuming you'd signed up to BT TV.  So to be 100%, you need an active BT TV subscription, which is only available with BT Internet.