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BT TV Pro box on 2nd Smart Hub - getting IPC6023 error


I have a Smart Hub type A connected/slaved to my main Smart hub and I am attempting to get my BT TV Pro box to work through this slaved Hub.

The slave hub is in my office at the bottom of the garden and both hubs are connected via an underground cat4 cable, about 20-30m from the main hub. The slave hub works just fine, provides enough broadband/wifi in the office to stream from my firestick  and any other devices (about 70mb).

When connecting the BT TV Pro box to my slave hub by either wifi or ethernet the box will initialise and set up but when I select any channel to watch I get the IPC6023 error.

I have tried all the guidance provided on the BT help page for this error, rebooted the slave Hub and even restored the BT TV box to factory settings but with no joy. The BT TV box works with my main Hub so no issue with the bt tv box.

Is there a fundemental issue with trying to use the BT TV box with a slaved router or some other issue with my set up? Would I need to reconfigure the slaved hub's settings in some manner.

Thanks in advance



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Re: BT TV Pro box on 2nd Smart Hub - getting IPC6023 error


I expect that the slave hub is not passing the multicast packets that are needed for subscription channels.

You could try putting an Ethernet switch before the slave hub, and connecting the BT TV box to that, and see if that works. You may need an Ethernet switch which has IGMP snooping. There have been other similar posts about this.

You could also see if the BT TV box works when connected directly to the end of the Ethernet cable.

Perhaps another forum member that has BT TV can help.

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Re: BT TV Pro box on 2nd Smart Hub - getting IPC6023 error

Thanks Keith, much appreciated.
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