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BT TV YouView box slow to change channels

Ever since the EE rebranding software update that occurred on my box in April I have had a series of problems that have made using the service quite frustrating. Initially, the box frozen when trying to access streaming apps. The BT call centre git me to do a factory reset and I lost all my recordings and had to sign in to all my streaming apps again, but the problem persisted. An engineer visit followed and he changed the the box, the hub and power line adapters, but the problem still persisted. He left saying he would escalate the problem to the ‘level2’ team. 

As we had no contact from anyone for a week or so I had another go with the chat line and they put me through the usual routine of resets and finally another factory reset, but no success. So they said they would raise a complaint and pass to the mysterious ’level 2’, but again no word from BT. I tried a factory reset of my own after a few days and this solved the freezing steaming app problem, but instead I have been left with an exceedingly slow start up and a 45 sec wait to change channel. Further Chat line session of 4.5 hrs resulted in another engineer coming this coming Tuesday. Very poor service from BT who despite a promise of compensation in my bill have now said there is no compensation because no fault has been recorded on my account!  Yet, they send an engineer to solve it! Not impressed. 

Anyone else experiencing the the Ee rebranding software problems? Has anyone had a solution?

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