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BT Vision box

  1. Not a request for help but thought it might be useful for anyone looking for answers to try. I lost all sound on my BT vision box, obviously checked all mute buttons and leads and reset it to no avail. Switched off for a couple of hours also. Eventually changed the HDMI input on the TV port to different one, and the sound came back.
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Re: BT Vision box


I don’t think it can be a BT Vision box; a Pro box maybe, or an earlier YouView box?

But as a matter of interest, what happens if you try some other HDMI device on the HDMI port with the problem; is it still there, and you get no sound on that device, or does it work fine?

(I'm just wondering if it’s a ‘wiggle the wires’ thing, or a port failure on the TV).

*** Longtime YouView box owner, BT Broadband customer, but never a BT TV subscriber ***