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BT youview box not connecting to router

Box wasn't recording some programmes so tried restart - now box not connecting to router, have restarted router/box/TV but only left side blue light shows constant and TV just keeps trying to reload (sometimes box starts plebbing.  Remote will not switch off but shows blue light permanently on - have changed batteries but still unable get connection with router.  does this mean new remote or just box has died ??  any suggestions thanks



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Re: BT youview box not connecting to router


If a blue light is constant on your remote, that means a button is stuck down, and the box is being swamped with the signal from it, so can’t do anything.

Go over the remote, wiggling the buttons until you free whichever one is stuck, and see if normal operation resumes.

If it sticks again, or the box still doesn’t respond to the remote, but it does respond to recording requests for the app, then yes you need a new remote.

If you are with BT TV, they should supply one on request. If not, Amazon has them, both genuine and knock-offs. (I have a knock-off in my collection. It’s not as slick as a genuine one, but it does work).

*** Longtime YouView box owner, BT Broadband customer, but never a BT TV subscriber ***
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Re: BT youview box not connecting to router


Hi - tks for info - remote now just shows blue light when any key pressed and starts wake up on tv screen but still doesn't connect just keeps repeat trying load - one other point is the on switch works but then won't  switch off box/left light. tried new ethnet cable but still can't connect router/box - Tks will try new remote next.




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Re: BT youview box not connecting to router

Hi @dgrundy that sounds like a faulty box where the flash ram or disk is developing an issue, the repeat load will be due to an unrecoverable error on one or other part.

You can try a factory reset to try and recover the box, how to do that depends on what TV box model you have, please check How do I reset my BT TV box? | BT Help for more information, or report an issue and request a replacement box.



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