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Feature request - 'My Favourites' page on start-up

So firstly, the YouView service is great. However, with all the free-to-air channels and IP-based channels available there are SO MANY channels on the TV guide. It's overwhelming.

In reality we only watch about 10 channels regularly along with a couple of the streaming and catch-up apps. So we're constantly having to scroll up and down the guide or navigate to the relevant apps, all buried within the mass of channels, services and options available. Though you can hide channels on the guide, it's a tiresome exercise to do that - it would be better to select what you want, rather than hide what you don't want!.

It would be great to have a Home page on start-up, accessed using the Guide or a coloured button, that only contains the channels/apps that we've selected as our 'Favourites', including the 3rd party streaming services we've chosen also.

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Re: Feature request - 'My Favourites' page on start-up

Well the suggestion for Youview to enable user determined favourite channel lists was raised with Youview in September 2012 ( number 2 in the user requests I believe. It has not been implemented in the subsequent 10 and half years . I suspect it is unlikely to occur with the current Youview shareholder agreements.

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Re: Feature request - 'My Favourites' page on start-up

One workaround I have is to use a Harmony remote control which has a Favourites screen which lets me easily move between the main FTA channels such as BBC1, ITV1 etc and the BT Sport channels and the radio channels plus other sections of the EPG I commonly visit.

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