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IPC6023 error with Google Nest WiFi mesh

Hi, I have gone through the forum for a solution to my problem below but have no clear answer. Wondering if you can help. Here is my setup. 

I had Gigabit BT FTTP installed last week. I was with Virgin Media earlier and have a well established Google Nest mesh running my smart home devices and security. I connected the primary Google nest router directly to the ONT, configured to connect via PPPoE and the Google nest is up and running perfectly. But the problem comes when I try to connect the new BT TV box, things like Netflix are running fine but the moment I try to stream something like BBC One, I get an IPC6023 error. 

I have gone through the forums and understand this is because Google Nest doesn't allow multicasting. But what can be a probable solution?

Someone talked about using a managed switch to filter out multicast packets to a dedicated port and maybe use homeplugs to get that to my BT TV box. Send the non multicast data to another port and connect the nest router to that port. Will that work? Or can I somehow use the BT SH2 along with the Google nest router?

Thank you in advance. In a bind as I am not sure how to proceed. As of today the BT TV box doesn't appear to be suitable for my purposes. But I am sure many others have faced similar issues....

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