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Lost all HD Channels

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How can BT have a My BT website or App that is so abysmal.

Eventually located the Now Sports add on that was active and switched it off yesterday, it is valid/paid up until November 26th so no worries.

Turn on TV last night to watch F1 Qualifying to find I have no Sky Sports and no Sky Entertainment channels!!! ( I have Entertainment package)

After an hour and a half on the phone I finally have SD Sky channels back but no HD or 4K. Having spoken to several people from faults and billing through that time they all say I have cancelled my HD and Entertainment when I cancelled the Now Sports Add on although I know I only flicked the switch on the Add on icon, when they look "back office" at my order they accept that I did in fact only switch off the Now Sport Add on.

Why can nobody "flick a switch" and turn my HD back on? Is life meant to be so difficult?

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Re: Lost all HD Channels

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If it helps anybody apparently there is some sort of glitch when removing monthly now packages via which removes the HD add on, the add on can not be reinstated until after the next monthly bill has been produced.

Unfortunately it has taken BT 5 days, numerous phone calls, 4 cancelled orders and a renewal of contract before realising this.

Not happy.