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Picture breaking up/ solved my aerial is the problem

Hi. I recently joined BT TV and have been impressed with the new box and the picture quality. I connect to box via aerial which is only 4 yr old. All cables are good. Signal quality is showing ITV 82% strength 100% 

Have had a few occasions where the picture breaks up. Then you can't rewind to play  the programme back to watch again. So I'm guessing that means signal problems with Freeview as opposed to the equipment?

I am aware that I could get my Freeview channels via internet. Would I still experience signal breaking up via that option? I also know that I will receive even fewer channels than I get now.[Live in restricted area signal wise]. And, can only watch one record one channel? But would gain HGTV so I am tempted.

Anyone have any ideas. I want to stay with BT TV so hope I can find a solution.   

OK Have just noticed signal quality 38% . My aerial is on a splitter and this is causing the problem. Any info on Freeview via BT online would be welcome.



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Re: Picture breaking up/ solved my aerial is the problem

As long as you get a good broadband speed, and your TV Pro box has a good wifi signal or even connected with Ethernet, you shouldn't experience any break ups or loss of picture quality when you choose the internet mode.

The picture quality on internet mode is also a lot better than aerial mode, with a lot of the freeview channels being broadcasted in HD!

There are a few freeview channels you currently cannot get when you put your box into internet mode though, like Drama and Dave and a few others, but if you won't miss these channels it's a much better TV than freeview 🙂

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Re: Picture breaking up/ solved my aerial is the problem


AIUI, the all the "Freeview" channels carried via BT TV over the internet are those that are only available from the "bigger" 6 multiplex transmitters.

@MitoManseems to live in a Freeview Lite, (3 multiplex), coverage area, so would gain some channels without losing any, if they moved  internet delivery - wouldn't they?

Or am I mistaken, and there are some channels on Freeview Lite that BT TV via the internet does not carry?



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Re: Picture breaking up/ solved my aerial is the problem


If you're getting a signal strength of 100% then , certainly for earlier units, that is likely the cause of your issues.

In the past a signal strength of ,say, 85% was a figure to aim for as the tuners on the units were not capable of handling that strong a signal. The solution was a variable attenuator between the aerial lead and the input to the unit and adjust it until a more reasonable signal strength was achieved.

Obviously we're aiming for a quality figure of 100%

I'm inclined to think that nothing has changed with the introduction of the Pro box.

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Re: Picture breaking up/ solved my aerial is the problem

Thanks to all. I have ordered a new female type  F connection so as to get rid of the splitter. I only have to touch the aerial lead and picture is affected.

I also found that where the cable goes into the back of the Pro box was very loose. I have also ordered one of those. I don't know if its my connector or the one on the Pro box so I am  renewing everything.

I am very tempted to try Freeview over internet as I do gain a few extra channels, but annoyingly as we all know can only record one watch one . I think that option is the way forward and I am sure better for BT as it gives everyone a stable connection and cuts out a lot of problems .       

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Re: Picture breaking up/ solved my aerial is the problem

Give it a try while you're waiting for the new connector to arrive.

Changing the mode will require a factory reset which will wipe out recordings and any logins to apps, so you'll have to sign into them again after the reset, apart from the BT and Netflix apps. They retain the login info.

If you have no recordings though, you've nothing to lose.

Then if you don't like it, just do another reset when your connector arrives to change back to aerial mode.

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Re: Picture breaking up/ solved my aerial is the problem

Yes I am tempted will have a think about it. If it didn't affect how many channels you can record I would have done it. Still on the fence regarding that though.

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