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Premium channels on tv wirelessly ?


was persuaded to go BT fibre which has caused me problems . Was told I could watch tbt sports and sky sports wirelessly but now told I need filters still as per my previous BT 56mbs  setup through phone line . Also my boiler halo thermostat cannot connect . Possibly too far away . Received no advice or recommendations on this from BT just told these hubs could connect wirelessly throughout house.

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Re: Premium channels on tv wirelessly ?

Do you really mean "filters"? They have absolutely nothing to do with BT/EE TV.

Only the Pro Box is enabled for wireless connection, is that what you have?

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Re: Premium channels on tv wirelessly ?

Yes I need two wall filters for it to work with my box. 
My Bt box is a few years old so probably isn’t the latest box (pro box) . 
Also for my boiler at the other end of  house it won’t connect to wifi so was reading about BT discs so May need this to resolve the problem ?

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Re: Premium channels on tv wirelessly ?

Perhaps  @Modfather means Powerline Connectors?

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Re: Premium channels on tv wirelessly ?

As @GarethPrice says, these aren't filters so must be powerline adapters than carry ethernet over mains wiring. You would need to persuade BT to supply you with the latest Pro Box to use WiFi. Perhaps go back to the citing the fact your were told you could use WiFi?

As for the boiler, a couple of things you could try:

  • The Hub is connected to the ONT by a standard Cat5e ethernet cable. So you could replace this with a longer one in order to move the Hub nearer to the boiler.
  • You can change the WiFi name (SSID) of the new Hub so that it matches that of the old one. That may allow the boiler to connect.
  • If none of this works then WiFi discs are an option, but usually a relative expensive one. Another powerline adapter with WiFi would just be a one-ff purchase rather than paying a monthly fee.
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Re: Premium channels on tv wirelessly ?

Yes old style black power adapters . Thought I’d seen them referred to as micro filters .

thanks for reply . I don’t really want a longer Ethernet cable as it would have to go across a whole

room and at least into another room . Feel very let down by BT and will call them yet again . Seems a power box is my best bet but I shan’t be paying for that. 
the boiler problem I think is the distance as it shows my SSID but won’t connect 

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Re: Premium channels on tv wirelessly ?

Thanks for reply . Don’t think it’s the latest box
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Re: Premium channels on tv wirelessly ?

@Modfather I think you meant Pro Box rather than Power Box 😊

’Sometimes’ the charge for a Pro Box can be waived, if the right approach is made 😉 

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Re: Premium channels on tv wirelessly ?

"Feel very let down by BT and will call them yet again . Seems a power box is my best bet but I shan’t be paying for that."

If you need powerline adapters for your Nest thermostat to connect to your boiler, because they're too far apart to connect via WiFi then I'm afraid you won't get anywhere by calling BT again. Unless you have the BT's Complete WiFi deal, which supplies one or more WiFi (black) discs that form a mesh with your BT hub, then they will take no responsibility for your WiFi arrangements. So you may have no choice but to pay for a couple of new powerline adapters if you want your thermostat to work.
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Re: Premium channels on tv wirelessly ?


You’ve been sold a pup, but I don’t know exactly which pup.

I take it you have gone to Full Fibre, rather than just Fibre To The Cabinet? Where your phone line, if you have one, no longer goes into a BT Master Socket, but now connects, wirelessly or wired, to the Home Hub? Which itself no longer connects to a BT Master Socket, but to a little white box called an ONT?

And the agent sold you on this by extolling the virtues of the EE Pro box, which can indeed connect wirelessly to the Hub - but then didn’t arrange for you to be sent one?

So that would be the first kind of pup, and you should go back to BT/EE and ask for a Pro box, and if you are refused one, complain vociferously that you have been mis-sold.

The second type of pup relates to what BT/EE told you the range of your Hub might be; they can’t know, for instance, if you have very thick walls, or other barriers to the passage of WiFi, such as aquariums in the signal path. But if the hub setup and positioning is what worked well before, then going Full Fibre shouldn’t make a whole lot of difference to this. So probably not this pup.

It’s odd that your boiler can see the SSID of the Hub, which tends to indicate it’s in range, and yet can’t connect. Assuming it knows the correct new password, perhaps the issue is that the boiler wants to connect on the 2.4GHz band, but the device you are connecting with is on the 5 GHz band? 

If so, then to fix this, you may need to temporarily disable 5GHz on the Hub, then connect, and then turn the 5GHz band on again. This can get a bit techie, and you may need to ask BT/EE Help to walk you through it.

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