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Pro Box WiFi Channel Limitations & Box Unresponsive.

Made an interesting & annoying discovery about the Pro Box's WiFi reception today as I made some changes to my network. It seems that the Pro Box can only see the basic 5GHz WiFi channels & can't see anything above channel 44. This explains why the box couldn't see the SSID of my Fritzbox router on channel 100 when I first installed it. I had incorrectly assumed this was down to weak reception in the box, as it could see my neighbour's SSID, which is closer. But today I proved it was the WiFi channel.

Now the changes I made today were swapping an old Netgear WAC104 access point for a mesh repeater. The Netgear being old was also limited to the basic 5GHz channels, & this is what the Pro Box had picked up rather than the stronger signal. The repeater just passed on the channel 100 that the router is set to.

Now the interesting thing is that the Box didn't display any error messages, but just locked up almost immediately after booting. Multiple reboots resulted in the same scenario, box stopped responding within a few seconds of the TV picture appearing. The issue only came to light when I did a maintenance mode factory reset & then found that the SSID couldn't be found.

Now I don't know what 5GHz channels the various BT Hubs support as I don't use them, but if any support the higher channels it's possible that auto channel selection could be responsible for some of the reports of boxes suddenly locking up. The Hub selects a channel the Box can't see but the symptom is the box locking rather than a report of a lost connection.

@DarrenDev @SeanD 

Do we know if this is a hardware limitation of the WiFi card in the Box or something that could be addressed by firmware?


A Google search found a thread that suggested the SH2 goes up to channel 48. If that is correct & my experience of the box being limited to 44 is also accurate, there is indeed the possibility for auto channel selection to hop to a channel the Box can't see.

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Re: Pro Box WiFi Channel Limitations & Box Unresponsive.

Tried to do some more testing this morning.

Found a PlusNet video showing their version of SH2 on channel 48. So seems likely the BT version does too.

Confirmed that my box at least cannot see an SSID on channel 48 or higher.

But again simply changing the WiFi channel caused the box the lock on reboot, with no reporting that WiFi had been lost or any means to access the settings.

Ground to a halt as my box now refuses to connect to WiFi at all, even after factory resets. There's only so many times I can sit through the appalling Dr Teef with no means to skip it, so I've given up & reconnected ethernet.