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Recontracting bt tv only

I recently posted ref. a complete fail on my youview box.General view was that i wouldn't get a free replacement box because i was out of contract,this was confirmed when i phoned BT.The box is mine to keep as i've had for about 8 years,i was told that i didn't have to take out a new contract for my broadband,I can get full fibre but for various reasons ,don't want it at the moment.I was advised that i could  recontract for my bt/tnt sport only &  i would then be able to get a free replacement box,i'm assuming that it would be the  boxpro.Is it correct ,that i can recontract for bt sport  & not my broadband.

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Re: Recontracting bt tv only


I don't believe it is correct.

To use a BT/EE TV box you need to have BT/EE broadband. I am not aware of anyone buying the TV service without re-contracting broadband at the same time. 

For example, to sign you up to a new 24 month TV contract, they re-contract your broadband service to align, because you have to have it to get TV.

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Re: Recontracting bt tv only

@stereohavenis correct in that taking a new TV contract would require renewal of broadband also.

But if I understand your posts correctly, you're currently paying for Sport, just out of contract? If so I would have thought  it was incumbent on BT to provide you with a working box. Not necessarily a Pro Box but a working box of some kind.

I would maybe try again, pointing out that you paying for a service you cannot fully utilise. If they won't budge, ask to be put through to retentions & ask if they'd rather lose you as a customer completely.

As you've already found, getting accurate information out of BT isn't as easy as it should be...

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Re: Recontracting bt tv only

@Cliff suggest you report a fault  with your existing  rolling contract TV box service. If you simply  talk to sales requesting an upgraded or new box their sales process would I believe include a new minimum  term .

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Re: Recontracting bt tv only

Thanks to all who responded.

I'll get back to BT & see how it goes.
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Re: Recontracting bt tv only

I phoned BT this morning on a different number,something to do with technical issues,got through to a very helpful young lady,explained the situation to her.The youview was up on my tv going through the wake up & loading thing & then reverting back for around 20 mins.

She said that they have a lot of complaints about my issues & said that the hard drive had probably completely failed & that she would organise a replacement box,for despatch on Monday.I asked if i would have to pay for it & she said no it is a free replacement.

I almost bought a new drive yesterday but fortunately changed my mind until i found out what BT had to say.

So wait & see now.