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Sagemcom BT TV Box Pro power issue

Hi. I have a Sagemcom RTIW387.002.P BT TV Box Pro from before the EE takeover. I've checked, all updates etc are current, it's running hardware version 0005. When it goes into standby, it then will not power up again from the remote or from the front power button... I have to disconnect the power lead every time to get it to start up. This is a recent ( past week or so) issue.  I've set the Standby Mode to always ready, and automatic standby to 12 hours. My old DTR2100 could be set to stay on constantly, apparently not this box?... that would have overcome this shutting down issue. As a result of this, I've had a lot of "failed to record" issues as the box has switched itself off completely. Any guidance/ pointers gratefully accepted. Thanks.

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Re: Sagemcom BT TV Box Pro power issue

hi @JPS130 

i would suggest a maintenance mode reset (keeping recordings)

if that doesn't clear issue then report the fault to BT  (the available  contact options will varying according to the time of day)

the TV Box Pro is a loan box under the contract terms. The support teams will have a process to follow to check and if necessary arrange engineer visit and replacement.

fyi the hardware version i believe relates to the  relative model of box rather than the software versions the box is running (there would be component software/manufacturer software/platform configuration/ISP configuration ) which are listed  in the  (Settings) Software Information . - no need to list these,

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