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Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

When it works it's fine, good picture OK functionality but almost every day I have to power the box off to clear one issue or another.

1. YM codes - reboot

2. No Sound - reboot

3. Failed recordings - I see no reason why

4. Incorrect artwork - maybe the channel provider?

5. Poor signal - connections are fine and when plugged direct to the TV picture signal is fine.

6. Won't switch on - power to the unit, reboot

So annoying, it's all a bit amateur 🙄 

If I could I'd cancel and return tomorrow!

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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!


Had to reboot again this morning as the box just wouldn't switch on despite the purple light being lit.

This is a nonsense only had it about 6 weeks. What's my chances to get out of contract?

Anyone else been through this charade?

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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

Apart from a lockup which seems to occur once every 2-3 months.

3 could be caused by 5. 2 and 6 could be the cable between BT box and TV.

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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

All cables are quality and secure, hardwired to the router not over WiFi. Samsung 55" QLED TV.

My view is there is either a software issue with the box or Youview, or there is a hardware issue with the Pro box, or a combination of all.

Whichever it's not exactly the kind of user experience to endorse the product. 🤨


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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

So far never had an issue with mine.

Been spot on. It rebooted once on its own after a crash which was partially my fault as I am speedy gonzalez with the remote and I came out of Netflix and into a recording too quickly and it confused the box.


Other than that, spot on. 

Can you post info on the device info screen please? See if there's a different revision of hardware? (had this with virgin media where some V6 boxes are arris and the newer ones are humax yet look and function identical but also humax had slightly better picture quality) 


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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

It's a Sagemcom, I think all Pro boxes are. Fully updated to the latest software version.

To be honest I've moved the box to the bedroom now main box is back to Sky Q and Apple TV.

Once the contract is up I'll cancel unless future software updates stabilise it and I'll keep it in the bedroom.

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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

For info mine says:

Manufacturer: Sagemcom

Model: RTIW387

Variant RTIW387.002.P

Serial Number: <hidden>

The variant string, check it! See if yours is the same. 

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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

Yes the same.

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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

So now....

Trying to watch a program via CBS Catchup keep receiving an error AMC103.

Tested Internet, fine. Rebooted the Hub. Downloaded a program on Sky Q in UHD. No problem.

As above hard wired no WiFi.

With so many different issues thos box must be faulty.... right?

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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

Error code AMC103 doesn't appear on the TV error codes page, have you contacted the BT TV help desk as suggested there? 

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