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Re: UKTV Channels in IP Mode

Don’t know what I’m going to do to be honest at this stage. I’m waiting to see what these offers to move to EE look like, with the broadband component being more important to me at this point than TV.

By the way, UKTV is rebranding soon in case anyone wasn’t aware. I doubt this will have any impact on carriage deals, but you never know: 

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Re: UKTV Channels in IP Mode

@Weerab I think you've bit the nail on the head. Even the Apple TV Now app is much improved. With freely around the corner, this becomes a real option depending on the number of IP channels in HD they provide (and whether they come to their senses and produce set top boxes, not just TVs).

I did also see that Sky even has HD versions of both UKTV and Great! Channels (although they also don't have Talking Pictures).

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Re: UKTV Channels in IP Mode

@stereohaven  you said:

I remember this thread, the level of chutzpah from a tiny TV platform that needs content deals to grow its attractiveness and customer base, still makes me laugh today. 

But I can’t figure out if you were talking about UKTV or EETV here 😛

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Re: UKTV Channels in IP Mode

@stereohaven  The broadband component is the most important part for us too, of course. We’ve had really good offers for tv renewal that I would probably take as they are better than we could achieve by taking everything direct. Mustn’t allow the tail to wag the dog though, so to speak.

We are still waiting for FTTP via Openreach to arrive here, and I can’t see new EE broadband offering anything better than we already have. However, half of our village has been dug up since Christmas by the new full fibre operators. I’m not sure whether I can allow myself to trust them though. My O/H leaves her BT account for me to deal with, and if I get the broadband call wrong I can see myself being invited to sleep on the beach ( which is probably preferable to sleeping with the fishes) and will also rule out tv by default.

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Re: UKTV Channels in IP Mode

@Brucemeister5 Apart from a couple of features on the hub missing I would like to have (guest network and split the bands), the broadband has been really solid for FTTC and faster than with any other provider I have used on the same line.

Service via the mods here has been top notch as well.

Openreach are now saying they are going to build FTTP in the next 12 months here, I suspect because an alt-net is going to, but I’m not sure if they actually will.

As far as I can tell, some of the things I have with BT Broadband are extra with EE (PAYG digital voice & security), plus I have a free upgrade to FTTP with Halo.

TV would have to be an exceptional offer to make me keep it. I pay £10 per month now for TNT Sport and a Pro Box and think that is overpriced… 🤣


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Re: UKTV Channels in IP Mode

I've got no problem with the broadband and I am on a great deal for it. 

It's just what your getting for the entertainment package that gets me compared to what you get with free IP channels with other providers. That is my bug bare for the moment. 

At the moment I will continue to use the Pro box for my package and switch to my built in Freeview for that's TV, uktv and talking pictures etc. I do like my old TV shows and movies lol 

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Re: UKTV Channels in IP Mode

We’ve had very few problems with broadband and we also have a free upgrade to FTTP with Halo 3 + as well. I’m nervous about switching to another provider offering much cheaper prices as there’s no guarantee that it will match what we have already. We’re quite happy with the speeds that we have and don’t actually need more. I’m also happy with the help provided on here with special mention to @DarrenDev who is unbelievably helpful. I’ll hold on for a few more weeks before making a decision, but I think I do know what I’m intending to do. 

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Re: UKTV Channels in IP Mode

Mods especially Darren has been great. 

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Re: UKTV Channels in IP Mode


Guest Network sure. But at the risk of asking a question that has come up many times on the Community, why do you want to be able to split the bands?

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Re: UKTV Channels in IP Mode


Smart home devices, i.e. set up and maintaining connection.

I just think the “steering” or whatever it is called should work correctly or don’t use it.

Having to log into the hub, turn off 5ghz, change the mode then try and connect a device before turning it all back on again is too much of a faff for an average consumer. 

Since the last firmware update I had 3 new smart plugs for Christmas, none of which I could get to connect after many hours of frustration.

Now I have an existing smart plug that worked fine which none of my HomeKit can see any longer.

Needs to be simpler and much more reliable. Perhaps the EE Smart Hub Plus is better at this?

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