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5 Jan 2015 & Outlook 2010 is now not synchrionising to BT Yahoo Mail

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I have been unable to resolve this problem with BT.

They advise getting a MS techie to look into it.

MS Support forum have responded with a cost implication.

I would like to know if I can do anything about the issue of IMAP which has not been set up on my account versus POP3 which I had for 10 years without issue when synching from BYT Yahoo.

From today I have been forced to use IMAP port 995 & SMTP port 465. Neither has worked.

MS advised to reconfigure my account, which I did.

I now have another account on my Outlook showing with another set of emails in Inbox & Sent.

Can anyone please tell me if there's a solution to all this or are we doomed to bounce between BT & MS for all time?


Looking for answers please all.

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Re: 5 Jan 2015 & Outlook 2010 is now not synchrionising to BT Yahoo Mail

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You are not forced to use IMAP at all, whoever told you that was talking absolute tosh. IMAP is port 993 not port 995. If you wish to continue using POP3, set the account up manually rather than automatically. Move any mails from the account you don't want into the appropriate folders on the account you do want and then delete the account you don't want. Hope that makes sense. I would do that first then create the new account as POP3 and repeat the excercise. Post back if you need further clarification.

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Re: 5 Jan 2015 & Outlook 2010 is now not synchrionising to BT Yahoo Mail

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Thank you for your response.

After BT told me I would get a better result changing to IMAP when synchronising to the new BTYahoo Mail when I'd only reported a problem concerning sending mail, not receving, I couldn't believe this, so I tried to reset the account myself, using POP3 & port 993. (On BT's website they instruct customers to use port 995 with their new BT Mail).  I removed the a/c I didn't want, then added a new a/c, but it would not set to POP3 and kept reverting to IMAP, even though the ports were as instructed. 

When this didn't work after one or two attempts, I contacted their support again and was given a level 1 techie (India). He tried himself to reset the account back to POP3, (remotely) but it still would not synch. He blamed Outlook 2010 & told me there was nothing more they could do & I needed to contact MS themselves.

I contacted MS customer support & explained the issue. They accessed my system saying they couldn't do anything unless I paid £65. They then told me they could only recreate my profile & I may loose some stuff. They would not say what the prob was, nor why, if at all Outlook 2010 had a genuine problem.

I am out of pocket over this and feel BT & MS have bounced me around over what is in effect not a customer issue.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: 5 Jan 2015 & Outlook 2010 is now not synchrionising to BT Yahoo Mail

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It is not clear from your post if you have had this resolved or not. If you are still having problems setting up Outlook with a POP account you should start again. Be aware that doing this will loose any emails you have already downloaded onto your so you should do a back up of them before proceeding.


To delete any account you presently have, open Outlook and click on File > Info > Account settings > Account settings > high light the account and click remove.


Once you have done that close Outlook and then re-open it.


Go to File > Add Account. Enter your Name etc and select "Manually configure server settings" > click next


Select "Internet email" > Next then use the following settings


Your Name

Email address: Full btinternet email address

Account type: POP3

Incoming server:  

Outgoing server:


Logon information:

User name: prefix only of email address

Password: Email password

Tick remember password

Do not tick Require password auth (SPA)


Click Button More settings

Tick box my out going server requires authentication

Tick box use same as incoming

Do not tick log onto incoming server


Advanced Button

Incoming server 995 Tick requires SSL

Outgoing server 465 Use following type encryption SSL



If you want to have an IMAP account instead of a POP account, select IMAP as account type and use Incoming Port 993.







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