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An Office365/Outlook 2016 story that doesn't have an ending!!!

I use Outlook 2016 on 2 computers and have (had!) IMAP accounts installed to my BT email account.  I also have accounts installed.  One day I wanted to add a new Hotmail account but couldn't.  I read somewhere that I should delete the profile and start a new Profile, adding all accounts again.  Mistake1, I didn't realise that deleting a Profile in Outlook also deleted the OST file (all my emails for all the OST accounts in the Profile, no warning!).  If I had known that I would have delayed such drastic action and carried on researching. 

Anyway delete it I did.  No problem just add the BT account and IMAP will do the rest while I have a coffee.  Nope.  The BT account would not add.  I try the Hotmail accounts (including the one that started this by not 'adding') and yep true to the law of computer frustration thay all installed perfectly including the original rouge one!  But no success with the BT account no matter how much research I put into it.  I found one comment that suggested changing the password which I did, waited the suggested 20 mins or so for BT's password management to catch-up (it's now more like 20 days) and kept trying with the new password ... no success. 

I tested the new password by logging in with webmail and it worked fine.  Strangely though the same Outlook installation on my other computer linked to the same BT email account by IMAP and the link on my iPhone both continued to work fine WITHOUT changing the passwords (the article suggesting this advised I would need to change the password on all devices ... clearly not so!).  So I thought maybe an IMAP thing and tried adding the BT account again using the old password ... no success.

I have typed the settings from the working IMAP account ... no success.  I have tried every combination of settings ... no success.  I have tried to start a new Outlook Profile ... no success.

I do not want to change the passwords on my other computer and my iPhone just in case I lost those connections as a result.

Webmail does not offer the tools available with Outlook so that is not a satisfactory workaround and I have been told in a chat session with BT that they do not offer a forwarding/redirect facility (how cheap can they get even free email accounts have this).

This is my last attempt before I switch email providers.

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Re: An Office365/Outlook 2016 story that doesn't have an ending!!!


Can you confirm that I've understood the info?

1. Outlook profile deletion deleted everything (unfortunate, but a profile is the whole lot - all email accounts and data).

2. New profile created, added Hotmail accounts successfully but adding BTinternet account failed.

3. Changed BTinternet email password, new password works with webmail - but Outlook 2016 will not add the account.

4. iPhone and another computer - access to BTinternet account works with OLD password, but trying to add account on the initial computer with the OLD password fails.

The forwarding feature on BTYahoo accounts was actually removed almost 2 years ago.

I hope you don't mind a couple of questions:-

a. Is your BTID login the same as your BTinternet email address? (The BTID is actually a set of characters - but stupid BT requires it to be so, something I am completely against. BT won't listen). This does cause issues.

b. How are you letting Outlook 2016 adding the BTinternet email address? Is it auto or manual? The latter is a must really.

c. Have you set your iPhone and other computers auto check for emails? If so, this may have caused issues - since the recommendation is to stop all devices from auto-polling before any password change is attempted. Although only a suggestion, maybe this can stop the password change passing through from BTID to email account - particularly if the iPhone/other smart device locks out the email account. It's likely the system doesn't notify the user of this problem and simply doesn't so it. BT needs to investigate properly, which they fail to do and don't report it.

To me is sounds like the password change only altered the BTID password, since typically webmail access is through the BTID and internally the system may still have the old password. This is why iPhone and the other computer still connect. If the password was altered, they wouldn't.

The BTYahoo direct password change is :-


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Re: An Office365/Outlook 2016 story that doesn't have an ending!!!

Hi Andy and thanks for your help. Firstly I can confirm that all of your confirmations are correct.

And before I answer your questions an update ... I previously tried exporting and importing the Profile from the 2nd computer where the BT account works perfectly with the old password (Password1) (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Profiles) but that didn't make any difference. Then I found an article suggesting I should use HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles which I did and that has taken me one step closer! I now have the rouge email OST file showing in Outlook (C:\Users\********\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\*********** and when I saw it I thought I had won but it will not synchronise ... I tried updating the password to the new one (Password2) with no success. 😞 The last email in Inbox is dated 30/11/18 which is about right for when this problem first occured.

Now to answer your questions ...

a. I'm not 100% sure I understand this question. I have a BTID (a username) that is for the BT account (Broadband, landline and mobile phones, BTSport etc.) and I an ID for my BTinternet email address (where username = actual email address). The passwords were different but I have just changed the one on the "BTID" to be the same as Password2 but it hasn't made any difference. When I try to change the BT email password I just get the 'something went wrong ... contact the email administrator' message.

b. I've tried both auto and manual as I said, I actually checked the settings with those on the computer where the account works but no success.

c. The iPhone only seems to check for emails when I open the App/Inbox. I have to admit I am not familiar with how the iPhone works because I hardly use it prefering the laptop (and I don't go out much! 🙂 ). In any event it all worked fine before I deleted the original Profile and still does work OK in the other computer.

c. (cont.) So on to the next thought ... I turned the iPhone off, I turned the other computer off and turned my main computer off and went for lunch to give the BT servers a time to fully log me out. About 45 mins later I turned my main computer on and went straight to the password reset page you gave. As I went there before turning the computer off I was able to use History to find it so that I didn't have to log-in to BT in anyway ... "Sorry, but we're having some trouble matching the email name and password you've entered"!! (Just to check, I reworked it with the old password ... same error.) I then opened webmail and it worked fine with Password2. So webmail sees it as the correct password but 'password change' doesn't (this is getting beyond rediculous!). As webmail was open looked for Password Change through the Help link. This told me it would reset both my ID password and my email password. I'm now getting really confused by now ... is BT saying that if I/someone change their password on another (sub)email account it will also change the ID password? Is that pure stupidity or can't they find someone who knows how to speak English? Anyway I changed it and webmail now needs the new password but ... it still doesn't work with the Outlook IMAP account.

Just switched the second laptop on as I couldn't see any reason not to and it's still working with the original passord. This is beyond reason.

Went on to try the iPhone but no joy with any password version but second computer was still synchronising so I shut that down after it had finished to completely cut the link and tried the iPhone again ... this time it worked with the new password. So let's go back and try the main computer ... nope, with the second computer turned off it still won't connect with the new password.

This may be getting a bit complicated so at the risk of making this reply even longer (I blame BT) let me now sum-up ...

Before deletion of Profile ...
Webmail: Password1
Main Computer: Password1
2nd Computer: Password1
iPhone: Password1

After new Profile creation ...
Webmail: Password1
Main Computer: would not add account
2nd Computer: Password1
iPhone: Password1

After 1st Password change (Password2) ...
Webmail: Password2
Main Computer: would not add account either password
2nd Computer: Password1
iPhone: Password1

After copy from NTWindows Outlook Profile regedit ...
Webmail: Password2
Main Computer: OST file linked but will not log on to server with either password
2nd Computer: Password1
iPhone: Password1

Password reset after complete shutdown (Password3) ... could not action with Password2
via webmail and Help pages: successful with Password2

After Password reset ...
Webmail: Password3
Main Computer: OST file linked but will not log on to server with any password
2nd Computer: Password1
iPhone: did not log in with any password while 2nd Computer synchronising then logged in with what I think was Password3 but now will not login with any password regardless of status of 2nd computer.

I just tried deleting my account on the iPhone and adding it again but it still will not connect to the (BT) server.

In a final attempt to try anything I changed the BT password back to the original Password1 so at least Webmail and the second computer are in sync with the current password ... Frankly I give up, I think it's time to move to a good email supplier. BT cannot expect it's customers to waste the last 2 days trying to correct their inability to provide a workable email service that connects to the world's main email App and largest phone system!

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