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Android email stopped working

I can no longer connect to receive my BT Yahoo emails on either my Android phone or my Android tablet. I can access them fine using Outlook or Edge on my desktop PC, so there is no issue with the password. I can also access all my other accounts using Outlook on my Android devices.


This started yesterday. I was asked to re-input my password, and when I did so, I received an “error authenticating” message. I deleted the BT account from my phone, restarted it and tried to recreate the account. It asked me for my email address, passed me to Yahoo, which asked me for my password. I then received another “error authenticating” message, however checking my emails on my PC I received an email that said I had logged in successfully on Outlook. I tried to create the account using the Gmail app and had a similar error message, but again on checking my emails on the PC I had an email saying I had logged in successfully on Gmail app.


At no time was I given any options to configure servers etc. I entered my username, was passed to yahoo for my password, and then received an error message.


As this happens on two devices (and the other one hadn’t been switched on for a while so there have been no changes), what could be causing this?

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