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Apple Mail unable to connect to BT server

The Problem

Apple Mail is unable to log into BT mail server. 

The message “unable to verify account name or password is returned” when my email client attempts to login.

The problem is the same on both my Mac & iPhone


I can log into BTMail using a web browser

I continue to able to log in to iCloud & Gmail mail accounts using Apple Mail


Remedies I have tried;

I have confirmed that the p/w on my BTID is correct

I confirmed the incoming mail server & outgoing mail server details are correct

I have changed the p/w on my BTID.  The new p/w will not work on Apple Mail though I can sign into BT mail on a web browser using these details.

I have deleted all passwords associated with Bt from keychain

I have deleted Bt Mail account from my email client. When I attempt to add back the BT mail account the problem persists??

Mac Pro/Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6

iPhone XsMax/ IOS 

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Re: Apple Mail unable to connect to BT server

You haven't got any special characters in your password do you? Apple devices don't like passwords with special characters in (anything that isn't a letter or number). Have you also tried removing the account on the devices and then re-adding it using other if you're on BT Mail or Yahoo! if you're on BT Yahoo! Mail

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Re: Apple Mail unable to connect to BT server

Thx for the suggestions.

I'm on BT Mail. The p/w is a mix of upper & lower case letters & numbers with no spaces or special characters.

I have tried removing the mail account & re -adding it to the email client with a new p/w  without success.

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Re: Apple Mail unable to connect to BT server

Certainly seems strange, did anything change before it stopped working and how long has it not worked for? Have you restarted your router at all? 

I assume the email account adds successfully but what you're saying is you are then unable to send/receive via client mail?

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Re: Apple Mail unable to connect to BT server

There have been problems with the BT IMAP/POP servers stopping email clients from accessing the users email account for years.  This however generally applied to BTYahoo email rather than BTMail.

The advice from forum users is to do nothing such as changing passwords or deleting and resetting up accounts as this invariably causes more problems than it solves.

Because your devices stopped accessing your email at the same time and you were still able to access your email via webmail it is obviously not a problem with your email account or with your password, hence the advice not to do anything. The problem usually resolves its self in a day or two. 

Because you have deleted and reset up your email on your devices and changed your password I would suggest that you do the following:

Switch off all your devices or at the least stop them from polling your email account for new email. You can do this by either deleting the email account from the device or just change the email address in your email account settings.

Change your webmail email password yet again.

Wait at least 30 minutes before starting one of your devices and set up the email account with the new password.

Check that this device s working before moving onto the next device.

Ensure that you are using the correct settings via this link and set the email accounts up manually rather than using the email wizard.

Another thing to check is that when you change your BT password on an iPad/iPhone it may only change for Incoming mail. To change the outgoing mail password you have to go into Settings; then scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars. 

From there select the BT account and select the account where it is listed under IMAP.  You will find the details for the account and can change the password for the Incoming Mail Server there, but the outgoing mail server only shows SMTP and

If you tap on the outgoing mail server it will show that it is 'on'.  You have to tap on that Primary Server in order to find where the Outgoing password is hidden so you can update it.

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