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Auto save says I have a new message every time it automaticaly saves a draft email.

Hello all,


Is it just me but every time my BT mail auto saves a draft e-mail a message briefly pops up in yellow at top of page saying I have new mail when I don't.


I can't make it do it on demand, I'm composing this in e-mail at the moment, even though it auto saves ever minute.


It seams to only happen after spending a long time 10-15 minutes writing an e-mail.


Anyone else seen this behavior?


It's so quick. Ah ha got a screenshot.




Figured out how to make it happen!


Hit compose write some stuff let it auto save draft.


Close draft and reopen and carry on typing.


If the contents have changed between autosaves the message is displayed.


Quite anoying anyone else?



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