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BT Business to Residential

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I've very recently switched from BT Business Broadband to BT Residential simply because I no longer need a full business service together with the associated costs. However, I’ve stuck with BT because having their existing fibre broadband already in place would make the switch technically/conveniently easier to implement. Couple that with fact that the service and stability has been pretty well faultless over the years I have had very little to complain.

However not so with my current business ‘’ email account which is linked to an absolute blizzard of online accounts (banking, retail, medical, tax, social, purchasing, professional, services etc etc etc) and all comes to a crashing end after 30 days or so. Obviously, I asked BT Business if there was some kind of hosting/redirect solution that would/could be put in place during the transition period to a new ‘’ address …but it either doesn’t exist, is incompatible or perhaps can’t be bothered. 

Consequently, I’m left with the quite ludicrous task of spending weeks going through every online account changing all my linked email addresses online before they become obsolete and inaccessible.

Any thoughts?

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Re: BT Business to Residential

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Unfortunately there is nothing to be done as addresses can only be associated with a business account. However, I seriously recommend not switching to a email address as that will tie you to BT as an ISP or incur £7.50/m to keep the address if you leave (not to mention the flakiness of the service). I suggest you get either a Gmail address or get your own domain.

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