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BT Continually locks my Favourite BT email address when I log in to read emails

After I changed my BT account ID name to be the same as my BT favourite  email address  I am locked out from my favourite email account and can no longer log into my emails or any of my other 5 BT email accounts .   I have a different password for both my BT ID and my BT favourite email account.  If I log in using either of the 2 passwords both still lock me out.   I currently have the same logon name but each has a different password.  

It seems that I may need to create a new user ID name that is not the same as any of my BT email  accounts despite BT telling me to use my email address as my BT ID name.

My question then is should I change my BT Billing password  to be the same as the BT mail account password  (I am thinking that then whatever password is required there will only be one to chose)

The alternative is to change the email account password to match the BT ID password but this is not so easy as it will need need changing on all my computers, iPhones & iPads and may not fix the problem.   

I have no problem accessing all my BT emails using Microsoft Inbox.  I only want to check BT for the emails that BT wrongly keep hiding in a spam inbox without informing me.  There seems no way to force BT to deliver all my emails without checking them for spam.

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