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BT Email. Bill ready to view.

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Hi , I received an email supposedly from BT asking to sign into to view my bill.  On closer inspection the email was sent to two other recipients. It was only addressed as Hello without my name on it. My wife also had the email ( BT only ever send to my email)  and at least one other person I know got the same email. Obviously I didn't click on the link to view my bill but deleted it.  It did look genuine in other ways logo etc.  Be careful as with all emails.  

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Re: BT Email. Bill ready to view.

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Hi @Bluemoon1

Thank you for flagging.

There are so many scams doing the rounds at the moment, you can't be too careful.  When we send our bill alerts, they're always addressed to the person as you know.  The generic "hello" is defo an alarm bell. You did the right thing by highlighting to make other community members aware - many thanks again for that.

I have added a few links below for help dealing with scam threats for everyone's convenience..

>> Protecting you from scams <<

>> Information on scams <<