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BT Email Setup Failure

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My attempt to setup a BT Email address for the first time seemed to progress without a hitch with the set up notification confirming success...Until I tried, over the next day, to access it directly on the BT website Mail access and via my Windows Live Mail client. Both failed rejecting my login name and password. All settings were checked and correct.

Contacting BT helpline, and a very long time on the phone, could not solve the problem and this fault has been referred to the technical department for investigation and, hopefully, resolution - which I am told could take up to 3+ days to resolve.

There is obviously serious problems with the Email system - as other people are experiencing. It shouldn't be like this - doesn't anyone regularly check the functionality of their systems?

I have wasted hours on this and have lost much confidence in BT as a result.

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Re: BT Email Setup Failure

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The creation of an Independent Service Provider email, which is free with my BT contract is so I can send and receive emails via it!

The problem I had creating it has now been resolved by BT technical staff and I am now utilising it to Send and Receive emails. I am pleased to have made BT aware of the fault within their system, which would have affected other subscribers.

All sorted now, so need for any replies thank you.