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BT Email addresses migration to new account

Good Afternoon, this is a slightly delicate matter.  Many years ago I subscribed to BT Broadband and as part of the package got  email addresses.  At the time I was happily married!  When my erstwhile husband was sorting out the telephone account when we moved house in 2004, somehow, he brought the broadband account into the telephone accounts, these had been completely separate, I cannot recall being consulted on the matter by either him or BT.  Anyway where I am now is that my BT email addresses are attached to the telephone bill in his name at the house where I no longer live.  My email address is the default email address and there are several sub email addresses.  Some of these are email addresses that I use.  Some are email addresses that my erstwhile husband uses.  I no longer live at that address, I now have moved and have my own BT telephone and broadband account.  I would really like to move my email addresses to my new BT account.  They are really good email addresses i.e my firstname.secondname@ and my initials then surname at  There must be a way to migrate these email addresses to my new BT account.  Please let me know how  to make this happen.

Thank you

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Re: BT Email addresses migration to new account

The moderators of the forum have been informed of your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They are a BT UK based team and if they can help they will reply via this post.

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Re: BT Email addresses migration to new account

Hi MSB2013,


I can take a look at this for you. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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