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BT Email on Outlook & iPhone

Hi All

I've noticed over the last few months that I'm getting far more regular "Account Error" problems when trying to download from my BT email account to Outlook and iPhone client accounts.  These account errors are suggesting that username/password details are incorrect.

Having looked through a lot of the threads in the Community forum, I think the problem could be related to "password synchronization" due to the fact that I have got both a BT ID account and a BT email account.  Over the last few months I have changed these to  use the same passwords and also different passwords.  Regardless of whether the passwords are the same or not, my connection problems with Outlook and iPhone persist.

The reason I believe this is a password sync issue is that both my wife and daughter also have BT email accounts but not BT ID accounts.  They don't experience any problems with their Outlook or iPhone email clients.

The email settings on mine, my wife's and daughter's Outlook and iPhones are all the same.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.



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Re: BT Email on Outlook & iPhone

If you have read through the forum you will no doubt have seen that the problem with the BT IMAP/POP servers stopping email clients from accessing the users email account has been going on for years.

It does not affect every email account user and it does not affect every email account that is linked to the same broadband account.

The advice from forum users is to do nothing such as changing passwords or deleting and resetting up accounts as this invariably causes more problems than it solves.

You will probably have found that although you can not access your email via Outlook and your iPhone you were still able to access your email via webmail which indicates it is obviously not a problem with your email accounts or with your password, hence the advice not to do anything. The problem usually resolves its self in a day or two. 

It makes no difference if you have the same username and password for your email and BTID, in fact BT want you to have them both the same.

You will have seen that it is thought by forum members that there is a password synchronisation problem but this only appears to manifest itself if you change the password when the problem of not being able to access your email is present hence the advice NOT to change passwords or delete and reset up the email account.

If you have deleted and reset up your email on your devices and changed your password I would suggest that you do the following:

Switch off all your devices or at the least stop them from polling your email account for new email. You can do this by either deleting the email account from the device or just change the email address in your email account settings.

Change your webmail email password yet again.

Wait at least 30 minutes or even longer before starting one of your devices and set up the email account with the new password.

Check that this device is working before moving onto the next device.

Ensure that you are using the correct settings via this link and set the email accounts up manually rather than using the email wizard.

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