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BT Internet Email Security Vulnerability

Hello. I noticed that my BT Internet account was asking me to re-enter my password on my desktop mail programme but it didn't work when I tried. I then went to BT's website to try and log in that way and I got the same problem.

I then tried doing a password reset (Forgotten your login details?) but when I got to the screen to send a PIN code to your mobile number the mobile number partially showing wasn't mine or one I've ever owned - I've only ever owned one.

I then went to "Don't have your phone with you?" and the next screen was about sending a PIN code to your email address but the email address partially showing wasn't mine either - hashed out start looks like it could be the start of my email address but the end was "", which I've never had.

After speaking to someone over the phone who was very patient and helpful I was able to gain access and reset my password. But the problem is that there is no where for me to change the mobile number or email address linked to the account that the PIN code will be sent to when a password reset is requested.

I've checked everywhere and I can't find those options.

This email account is one of 4 linked to the primary My BT account but this one is listed as "Email addresses you've given to friends and family". The other 3 are listed under "Active email addresses". I'm not sure why it has been separated out like that?

Because there is no where to change these details my account is open to attack again.

It also begs the question as to where or how was someone able to apply those details to my account if it can't be done via a front end account settings page?

Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

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Re: BT Internet Email Security Vulnerability

Hi @MrMeeseeks, welcome to the forum and thanks for your post.

Sorry your email account was compromised. You should be able to update your details online for the gifted email address. Please go to  and log in with the email address affected and then you should be able to select the email address go to details and update security question and answer from there.

Let me know how you get on.



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