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BT Internet email address not receiving emails from

Hello, I'm trying to sort out a problem for my 85 year old mother in Canada and her 87 year old sister in England.

They communicate by email everyday and everything was ticking along until a few days ago when my Aunt who has a btinternet email address stopped receiving emails from my Mum who has an email address.

If my Mum replies to an email her sister gets it, but not is she sends a new email.

Any guidance would be most appreciated as they are driving me crazy lol



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Re: BT Internet email address not receiving emails from

Get your aunt to add your mother's Canadian email address to her "safe senders" list.

She can do that by logging onto her BT email account then clicking on her username at the top right hand side then going to "settings" then "Mail"  then "safe senders".

Another way of adding it if she has received an email from your mother she should open it then go to "more" in the menu bar and select "safe sender"