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BT Mail blip

I have been delighted with the very significant improvement in the way BT Mail implements IMAP compared to BT Yahoo - in particular,  connecting to the server and synchronising of folders is much smoother, faster and apparently rock solid. So I was surprised to notice this morning, around 7.30+ am, that there was a noticeable pause to the server connecting and, while send/receive was speedy, synchronising folders took around 2 minutes.

Whenever I see something like that I tend to check web mail, which is what I did. Aside from when there are problems with IMAP, I infrequently access web mail - almost exclusively I access web mail only to unmark as spam an email wrongly identified as such - so I couldn't be sure if it took longer than usual to log in to my web mail account. But what was very noticeable was there was no access to the contents of any folder - the web mail inbox was empty (there were 10 emails showing in my IMAP inbox) and all other folders returned a message along the lines of couldn't carry out the request (I cannot remember the precise words, there was no error number). I logged out of web mail and then came to this forum to see if anyone had posted about this and as far as I could tell, no one had. I shrugged and got on with some online activity with Ocado and a little after 8.00 am I checked web mail again and everything was now back in working order.

Anyone else see this problem, now apparently fixed/sorted with BT Mail this morning?


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