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BT Secure messaging service?

Question - Is there such a thing as - B.T. Secure Messaging Service ?

I get emails suggesting I have a new message from BT Secure Messaging Service but have my suspicions that these are Phishing emails ? I can't find anything on the BT system that remotely appears to be a Secure Messaging Service. 

In my account details page there is the 'Message' section at the bottom of the page but there are no messages in there so I assume the emails I am getting are not from BT.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

I've looked back at the email and there is a link to the following:-

Link in email looks like this:-

A secure message from BT was sent to you regarding your account and billing

The new message can be read by logging into the Secure Messaging System.

Click the following link to open the Secure Login Page: (which is my actual BT email address).

Actual address the link points to is :- then my name is the actual end point of the link and web antivirus software kicks in and blocks site.

Obviously it's not from BT then.

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Re: BT Secure messaging service?

As you have seen, it's a Phish email.

Also as you've quoted btconnect - the phish seems to be aimed at business customers.

The scammers are clearly using the idea of secure messaging to make their phish sound more plausible, but it's fake.

The underlying site under the supposed link has been hacked to provide a forwarding to the phish site.

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