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Re: Feedback Re: BT Spam interception?

Ah ok I see thanks. Well I'd quite like someone to look into it if they can, as I had no joy previously when I contacted BT. I am now very careful of giving my BT address out for anything important as I can't be sure people will actually be able to use it without it being bounced back.

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Re: Feedback Re: BT Spam interception?

My sender's emails are now coming through, but the sender is very unhappy because they feel BT are blaming the sender for this issue. It would be gallant indeed of BT to write and apologise to the sender, I feel. This is a BT issue and both sender and recipient have spent a great deal of time over it.


Thank you.

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Re: Feedback Re: BT Spam interception?

That's good news for you of course, but there's been no feedback whatsoever on this topic, or whether they've effectively whitelisted your contacts or maybe your account completely.

I personally believe BT are in denial on this whole topic and as I keep repeating myself they deal with one user at a time rather than the root cause. That's a massively inefficient way to do this. It is costing everyone time and ultimately money, and they don't do anything it appears.

They have always blamed end users, and in this topic the sender completely. I accept that BT can act this way, however they are making themselves an intranet with regard email.

For a while now it has been recommended that all mail users use something else, to prevent possible serious issues.
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