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Re: BT E Mail - Recent Changes

@RichardHaselgrove wrote:

In an email from this message board timed at 13/02/2024 16:13, I see:


Clicking on the link, I get:


'nuff said.

Just for your information, I deleted the message I had posted as I had duplicated the post that @gg30340 had made as we were both typing simultaneously. Rather than leave 2 posts with the same information I deleted my post. No conspiracy theory involved.

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Re: BT E Mail - Recent Changes

My second BT email address just got ' upgraded ' or 'down graded ' think it is the latter, says i have one unread email cannot for the life of me see where it is . I can cope with the childish colours, they serve little or no purpose, The layout and editing I have not tried . But font, line spacing and bold (unread) needs sorting , Don't see how mods can defend BTs strategy of hoisting such poor code on its loyal customer base.   

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Re: default point size view for new BT email - how to change?

Hallo all - looking for advice on how can I change the default point size on the new BT email to be larger, both for viewing and emailing? I can see how to do temporary changes by highlighting a block of text I've typed, but I want to change the default. Someone was saying the default is Arial 14, but it certainly doesn't look as big as 14 on my screen... many thanks
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Re: default point size view for new BT email - how to change?

@JulesE Sorry, it isn't possible to change the default size - this has been raised as a bug, as there are issues with the size and font on the new version.

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Re: default point size view for new BT email - how to change?

 Hi Adam, thanks for this - good to know, but I think this is a serious lapse by BT in its accessibility commitments.  It's ridiculous. 

I also find it so annoying that everything now is optimised for mobile, so if you do anything on a pc it so often looks substandard.

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Re: default point size view for new BT email - how to change?

Hi again, I also have a font issue, which I am not sure has been addressed. When I start typing an email it is in one font, and sometimes if put in a carriage return to start a new para it stays in the initial font. But sometimes the new para appears in a smaller font. The only reliable way I have found to keep all of my message in the same font is to start the new para at the end of the previous para, so my text stays in the same font, and then go back and put in the carriage return where the new para should begin. It is a simple work around, but it should not be necessary.

BTW I am surprised that the issue of the cursor jumping back to the start of the message has not been solved yet. I think it may be related to auto-save, as I have reduced its frequency by changing auto-save from 1 min to 5 mins. But it does still occur.

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Re: default point size view for new BT email - how to change?

Try starting your email by first using the carrage return to get you three or four lines down the page before typing your message.

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New BT E-mail Bugs


New web access for BT e-mail has a few bugs noted so far based on use :

1. The left hand side pane (containing inbox, Spam, drafts etc. folder selections) keeps on reverting to original size although it has been reduced in width. Happens multiple times when constantly logged in.

2. After selecting an e-mail, the "More -> Mark as Spam ->" fails to allow any of the three selections to be selected, to move it to the Spam folder. Only possibility is to delete the e-mail.

3. When in the Spam folder, the trash can icon does not work.



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Re: Email Changes

Yep, BT has caught me with the 'improvements' today. I agree with your negative view. Additionally, an important email re insurance was made really difficult to read because of the split words, with this still seeming to be the issue if I manually altered the page layout.

Also, trying to delete stuff is 'clunky' and there seems to be a 50:50 chance of getting an error message. I'm not against change, Id just like it to be for the better

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New format keeps moving text when it's being typed

When I'm typing, presumably every 30 seconds when the email refreshes, my typing suddenly goes to the top of the text, e.g. before "Dear John". It does this all the time. 

Secondly the font size changes to smaller around the third paragraph.


I'm using Chrome

HELP It's driving me crazy and now occurring on two of my email addresses.