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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

@RichardHaselgrove wrote:

please test it before release!

It might be a good idea if they recruited a panel of real-life users - US! - to be volunteer testers, with all our varying systems and usage cases. I for one would be willing to help in such an effort.

Sign up here

New user account (

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

Well, I tried:


Neither opportunity is available. And there's no mention of email as a service, although I've been using it for 22 years.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback


Once you have signed up to be a "Trialist" I think that BT contact you  when they want a product tested and you can select then whether or not to take part in it.

Prior to the BTMail being changed there was a thread posted looking for forum users who are in your words  "real-life users" to take part. I have no idea how many if any signed up or what sort of feedback was given. The feedback area is no longer available to access.

 BT Webmail feedback group - BT Community

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

@RichardHaselgrove  - the product team discussed this but there were some security challenges with providing access to our test environment. However, once internal testing is complete, the team are keen to do some demos with our Community users. Just need to work out how we get that to you. 

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

OK - you have my contact details at, email or VOIP number preferred, not mobile.
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Re: When will BT fix the awful editor in the new BT web email?

I use sub folders, so I like the wider left margin.  A simply solution would be to allow the user to set the margin to their wishes and remember it between sessions. 

I do, too.  So ditto this comment.

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New email login

Not impressed. Why is there no option to remain logged in as there was before?

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Re: New email login

Agreed! Why no "Keep me logged in", even if it only lasted a week or so? I have saved my password, and the log-in remembers my email address, so I only have to click twice to log in, and at least I don't get chucked off the site if I leave it for a couple of hours. But I asked a long while ago, why does the cursor jump back to the start every now and then, and why does the font change size? Surely somebody must have programmed a computer somewhere to do this. Hard to believe, but how else could it happen?

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Re: New email login

The cursor jumping back to the start seems to be triggered by autosave, and you can minimise its frequency by setting autosave to every 5 minutes, which is the longest setting available. It is obviously a programming error.

Hope that helps in the short term.

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Re: New email login

By "New email login" do you mean the eclipse-like orb new page? If so, you will see this is a multi-stage process. First my correct email addess is offered. I must then press <next> to reveal a similar dialogue box showing my password. Alas when now pressing <nezt>, entry is forbidden with a box of red text saying my login details are incorrect.

When I delete the given passwoerd, and write my own correct one, I gain entry. So three questions:

*    Why am I offered an incorrect password?  An old one perhaps?

*    Why no "Show" to tell me what' s right or wrong?

*    Are we now to suffer s multi-stage login?

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