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Re: Cursor jumping when composing email


If you say so because of course you come across as so knowledgeable. 

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New email format

Since the changeover to the new email, I can't find the search box above saved emails, to enter an email address to find/search for, has anyone found it, or am I being thick here?

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Re: New email format

I am assuming you are using a web browser to access your email and not an email client or app.

If you are searching for a contact you should click on the "Contacts" icon in the menu bar and you will be taken to your list of contacts where you can the carry out a search if needed.

If you are searching for a specific email the search box should be in the menu bar to the left hand side above your list of folders

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New email format

I do not like the new email format for several reasons. When left for a few minutes it automatically logs me out. It also automatically selects the next email which I don't necessarily want to read. I keep losing the images in an email and I then have to re-select the option to show the images. If there is a short delay in typing when writing emails it again logs me out without saving the last items that have been written. Overall in my view the new format hasn't been thought through and it is not user friendly.

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Re: TRY THIS FIX ¦ BT Webmail Feedback

Yes, gi6atz, that's yet another strange bug which I noticed recently if the preview pane is enabled. I've found that a triple-click is needed!


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New email format

I, like many others, do not like the 'look' of the new format. My main complaint is that when I'm typing, the text suddenly jumps back to the very top of the email in a smaller font. What is going on? I'm using a Mac on Safari both on laptop and desktop and the same thing happens. I add a signature at the bottom of my emails and when I create a new one this signature has dropped down the page by about 6 lines that I then need to erase before sending. I've looked in settings at the place where the signature is created and there are no random spaces there.

Also, when accessing emails on my iPhone the text is really small and in a strange harder to read typeface! Any ideas to overcome these annoying things?

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Re: New email format

I'm wondering why they don't just revert to the old version whilst they work to make the new version work. In my view, there was nothing wrong with the old version.

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Re: New email format

Just had a long conversation with Level 2 problem solver. BT acknowledge they have problems with font size changing, settings not "remembering" that you've chosen to display images, the software logs out after 3 hours, and the cursor jumps. When I said the search facility was very slow and poor and that I was losing new emails, I was advised to withdraw from the conversation view.

They've launched this version to 250,000 customers. It's a giant beta test in my view and far too large to thrust upon consumers.

I advised them to get onto these community pages and start a degree of customer honesty and transparency, to save their brand. They have no solutions at the moment, but their people are working on all the faults being reported. In the meantime, I've defected to Thunderer (client) as advised by the Liquorice Sage (bless them) and am having a joyous time, whilst twin-tracking with BT Premium (LOL in that title).

I think being a loyal customer for some 15 years, with 67,000 emails I'll lose if I migrate, I'm hoping BT will fix things.

Happy days everyone 🏥 and keep reporting faults to BT so the weight of complaints makes them speed up the fixes.

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Re: New email format


Pretty much the same things I’ve said.
Email jumping to the top is ‘better’ if you up auto save to 5 minutes.

On my phone I don’t view in Safari but use the BT Email app or Bluemail.
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Problems signing out of BT Webmail

I was investigating one of the other posts on the forum when this happened.

I clicked on my user name (top right on my laptop).

I clicked "Sign out" from the menu.

I was directed to this screen, via another screen saying that "BT and EE are coming together" or words to that effect (it flashed up very quickly and I have no screen recorder so cannot capture it).  BT Signout Screen 02.jpg

Whether I click "Email" on the right or go to in my bookmarks bar, I get signed in without re-entering my credentials (user name & password).  It looks like I stay signed in until I exit the browser from this screen - that's not always convenient. 

And of course it's random - after I closed Chrome and logged back in via the normal screen, the sign out process worked for a while, then reverted to this situation. 

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