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Re: BT Yahoo Email Move Off Yahoo Servers and Resulting Problems & Implications of Stricter Secu

@neilstrong wrote:

The advisor and her supervisor argued with me for half an hour that 'mail clients' were not supported. I agree with you, but apparently once you speak to the call centre 'supervisor', that's the end of the line. She doesn't have a manager apparently...... 😉

I've not received any communication from BT regarding server migration. Again, I suspect it's because of my second class paid mail service status.

Mail clients are not supported, that just means that the helpdesk can't give any help regarding the use of clients not that they can't be used.

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Re: BT Yahoo Email Move Off Yahoo Servers and Resulting Problems & Implications of Stricter Secu

Ref the mail client, I am pretty sure you are correct but will check when I am contacted by the BT team mobilised to help clear the backlog of issues on email, account administration and so forth.

Ref settings, these had been updated before the end of last year. However I don't believe settings as such are the issue in this instance.

I would hazard a guess that one of the issues for the  BT project team involved in the migration of old legacy BT Yahoo mail (whether in larger numbers or cut overs in small batches to test readiness)  is  that the legacy management tools for the old BT Yahoo mail service are no longer available to the Helpdesk for some or all customers who have been migrated (or the legacy kit involved suffered a failure)  but the existing BT mail  tool / process to allow password resets still has issue trying to accommodate the old legacy customers now being migrated with or without their old passwords / security questions that may or may not meet BT Mail standards.

So for example, if BT Mail does not recognise the security questions set up in the legacy BT Yahoo mail  and you get an event which triggers the email account to be 'protected'  or a customer  forgets their password or a customer decides to update the password, then neither the primary account holder or the Helpdesk can reset the password or currently, even issue a temporary password. 

This might explain why the Helpdesk could not help with my situation today, when there is a need to reset a password for an email account, whereas they could as recently as 24th January when another sub account in the family got 'protected' but we could reset, even though the email account had been migrated.

If you don't have one of these events at the moment then you won't realise there is an issue if you have been recently migrated. 

As I mentioned earlier, if anyone has already been contacted by BT in the past week and taken through a process to update security questions etc to get password resets working after being migrated from the legacy BT Yahoo mail then it would be great to hear about your experience. Otherwise I'll post my own after it happens, which hopefully will be soon!




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Re: BT Yahoo Email Move Off Yahoo Servers and Resulting Problems & Implications of Stricter Secu

What happened regarding the OP migration?

I appreciate any migrations might currently be on hold due to COVID-19.

I'm suspect I am still on BT Yahoo Mail as that is what shows up when I log into the Web Mail.

I'd forgotten, if I was ever aware, that the Yahoo app wasn't supported. I suspect if I was aware I put it in the category of all smartphone mail apps are not supported.

I've been experiencing issues with my mail recently in relation to passwords but I reset them and things seem to be OK, abet I cannot setup mail accounts for them using the Yahoo Maill.

Once migrated do all the filters that have been set up just work? Also Can you use symbols in BT e-mail passwords. You can't with BT Yahoo e-mail passwords.

Having just written the above BT asked me to reset one of my passwords. This I did and it correctly liked all my security question answers but when I then tried to log in, after resetting it, it wouldn't like the password.

So I tried again and this time it told me I shouldn't use number sequences. The sequence was only part of the password. Yet previously it hadn't said this and in both cases it said the password was strong.

So I tired a minimum strength password just to see what that was achieve, given I had a green tick and it let me proceed. However it didn't like that when I attempted to log in and I got locked out for 15 minutes.

Whether this is all related to the above or something else entirely and not a suitable following up to the existing comments, I don't know. I'm not going to ring BT just yet as they are rather busy and this particulate account, although the primary one, isn't one I use much compared to some sub accounts.

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Re: BT Yahoo Email Move Off Yahoo Servers and Resulting Problems & Implications of Stricter Secu

If you see Yahoo any where when you log onto your email account via a browser you are on the BTYahoo system.

You are correct that all email clients/apps are not supported but the Yahoo app did work and was used by many BTYahoo email users. While at this time it continues to work if you already have it set up, it will not allow any new email accounts to be added or deleted email accounts to be re-added. It will in due course stop working with all BTYahoo email accounts.

BTYahoo is infamous for it having problems for some but not all users when they access their email via email clients/apps. The BTMail system does not suffer from this problem.

BT are aware that the £  and ¬ (logical NOT) character are accepted by BT set and change password screens, passwords containing these characters will work with webmail and BTID logins, however because these characters are not part of the US ASCII character set, they will typically not work with IMAP email clients (this is a limitation of the IMAP specifications). BT will be addressing this in an upcoming change to their password screens, and in the meantime BT recommend avoiding these characters  in passwords for email accounts. 

When you are eventually migrated, if you have used the BTMail server settings you should not notice any difference in the way your email client/app works. 

EDIT: The above crossed with your edited post!



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Re: BT Yahoo Email Move Off Yahoo Servers and Resulting Problems & Implications of Stricter Secu

Thanks for your detailed reply. I wasn't expecting a reply so soon.

I will change my password to not include symbols. I'd only included them as I felt it made the password stronger. We have to do this at work for our work GMail accounts.

Incidentally when I log into one of my BT Yahoo Mail accounts on my mobile, which isn't held in the Yahoo app, my android phone switches to the Yahoo App, even though I don't have the account associated with it.

So even though the Yahoo App was never supported, the BT Yahoo Mail web site clearly thinks it should be used when installed. I think they may even promote it's use. I can do a series of back and forward to bring up the mail in Chrome, so it isn't a big issue.

I will switch to using another app at some point but no hurry. I'm not that keen on Yahoo app but then I think the GMail app is rubbish too, just that I must use that for work.

The only good think about GMail is that I can switch off the spam filter as I don't trust it to be correct. I'm consitantly tell BT Yahoo Mail that something isn't spam but it never seems to learn.

I use to use K9 app but I might look for something else, being sure to check out Blue Mail in the process of course.

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Re: BT Yahoo Email Move Off Yahoo Servers and Resulting Problems & Implications of Stricter Secu

I have an Android phone and tablet and use the paid version of AquaMail app and find it meets all my needs. 

As regards your phone switching to the Yahoo app.  Do you mean the Yahoo email app or the Yahoo email log on page on a browser?

If it is the Yahoo email app you should check in the phones settings to see what you have set as the default email app. 


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Re: BT Yahoo Email Move Off Yahoo Servers and Resulting Problems & Implications of Stricter Secu

I removed the defaults for Yahoo Mail app but it still wanted to open it. I then changed the Go to supported URLs, so that it always asks every time.

The reason it was opening the app was because the supported URL was set to and that is the URL BT are using.

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