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BT Yahoo Email account

Hello, I use BT Yahoo for emails on my laptop, iPhone and iPad. Until today all worked fine synchronized across all three and then I was prompted on my laptop to re-set my password as my current one wouldn't work despite me definitely putting the correct old one in. New password works fine on laptop but I can no longer update the email account password on the Apple devices as Yahoo is no longer supported. So I followed the instructions from BT and created a new account on the devices for my BT email address (which is only to find the numerous folders I had previously have disappeared. I can't seem to get them back at all in that 'new' account. I have deleted the Yahoo account from my iPhone but it's is still on my iPad and I can forward any email but I'm no longer getting new emails into the inbox.

Does anyone know how I can get those folders back showing in my 'new' BT email account or block copy them as I fear losing them entirely.


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Re: BT Yahoo Email account

Is it possible that you set up a Pop3 account instead of imap which will synchronise your devices

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