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BT Yahoo Home Page access

Now that the Bt Yahoo login has now changed to I have lost access to my old BT Yahoo home page.

This was a useful home page which was customisable with feeds etc.

Now it just re-directs to the portal home page instead.


Is there any way I can still get back to my old home page as I had a lot of useful stuff on there.

Yesterday I could log in via Yahoo but today that's been redirected too.


Does this mean that all BT Yahoo people will be booted off Yahoo completely...?

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Re: BT Yahoo Home Page access

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Access your old Yahoo Notepad - e-mail and calendar


Some Yahoo stuff will be moved across, the rest will be deleted.


If you still want Yahoo, they you will have to create a new Yahoo normal account.



Forumhelp (Private website) Lots of additional information for BT Residential Broadband connections only.