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BT / Yahoo Mail Server problems - Confirmed

A few days ago I contacted the 24/7 Online Support Chat Service to enquire if there was a problem with the BT/Yahoo Mail servers. I was informed that there wasn’t.


The reason why I enquired about this problem was due to the following: For the past 1-2 weeks now, I have had a problem using my Mail App on my iPhone.


First, the ‘connection’ is extremely slow and can take between 15-45 seconds for it to update my mail inbox.


Secondly, when I delete an email(s) from my inbox on my Mail App and then go into either the ‘Sent’ or the 'Trash' folders, the email(s) simply disappear/vanish without me actually deleting it manually. I then conducted my own research and established the following below.


Quite clearly, there is a major problem with your BT/Yahoo Servers, not only recently, but for some time now, spanning many months, and the problem is still not fixed. BT fobbed me off and ignore this issue and like to point the blame at someone else. It would appear to me and many others that BT need to liaise with Apple and rectify and fix this issue once and for all.


The following three links below that I have numbered (1), (2) & (3) highlight ongoing BT/Yahoo Server problems and the problems it is causing BT customers. You can quite clearly see the frustrations from many customers who use their services.



BT Email Status Report for Thursday 5th & Friday 6th of October 2017:


saw2102 - 5 days ago Today when I was using my email account some of my inbox disappeared. It reappeared a short while ago and I discovered that all emails prior to 25/09/17 had been lumped together in a folder dated 01/01/70 !!! Now I have to search that folder for my emails. What is going on?


Ralph Cox - 6 days ago Ditto It is bad Branding to put up the price to £5 and not provide a better Service - I've had my email account for over 15 years now. I can now send - I couldn't send yesterday and had to resort to gmail for urgent legal documentation. Today I can send (I hope) but nothing has downloaded to my PC or my Android phone - Logs into the server fine, but no mail. When I use Webmail - it's all there - but I need to download it - Courts expect email to work


Patricia Fisher - 7 days ago Is anyone having problem with sending emails. Since yesterday I have been receiving emails but sending them they sit in outbox. This is both on my Samsung phone and my Lenovo tablet. I am not in UK but have had no problem up til now. Help!


Steve @ Patricia Fisher - 7 days ago I have exactly the same problem, first noticed yesterday 29th Sept. If I am using an email client app (Apple Mail on either desktop or iPad) I receive emails OK but can't send - I get a popup saying that my username and password are not recognised and the messages sit in the outbox. As the fault is the same on both devices, it can't be down to the settings at my end. I can log into BT webmail and both send and receive OK, so the problem only relates to the email client app. Help please!


Nick Beeson - 8 days ago Cannot send via Outlook today. Could yesterday. keeps ignoring me. Logging in via the internet works.





BT Email Status Report for Thursday 5th & Friday 6th of October 2017:

Julie Bowdery - 14 hours ago I can't login too BT Yahoo mail.. What’s the problem?

kk - 2 days ago There is no 4g so no emails internet

Russell Darling - 2 days ago Adrian, Many thanks for your very clear instructions which I followed and have now get mail in the New Inbox. Why does this work? There is no indication of new mail, but when I open up the I-pad mail, it does an update and finds any there. If I leave the I-pad New Inbox open, there is no indication of new e-mails unless I return to Mailboxes and then go to New Inbox again when it then does an update to find any further e-mails. Is this what you find? Do we know if BT or Apple are on the case?

Adrian Vincent - 3 days ago You can set up the new folder and then a filter rule on your BT yahoo mail webpage using your browser. The following instructions apply when using a web browser on a PC/Mac. I imagine the same can be done on an iPad using Safari, but the BT Yahoo webpage may be rendered and work differently. In the left hand panel, move the mouse over folders, and add a new one. I called mine "New Inbox". Click on settings (gear wheel at top right corner) and click on "Settings". Then click on "Filters". Then add a new rule. I called mine "Move all incoming mail to New Inbox". Select To/CC and change to "does not contain". Then enter an address that will never appear in any email you want to receive. I put "" in mine. Then change the "Move this message box" to the name of your "New Inbox". All other boxes are left blank. Now Save your new filter, then Save your new settings. NB. The new filer rule is ONLY applied automatically as new mail arrives. If you want to move existing emails from your proper Inbox to your New Inbox then either click and drag the messages, or select them using the tick boxes and use the move button.

Russell Darling - 4 days ago I am "pleased" to see this thread. I have been unable to get e-mails into the Inbox of my iPad 2 since last week. Yesterday they appeared and then disappeared! Have deleted and re-created my account several times and then went to IOS 11.0.1 from 10.2. Still not working correctly. Today I got a Saturday test e-mail sent from my PC also using BT Yahoo! mail. I am about to try Adrian's fix below.

Russell @ Adrian Vincent - 6 days ago I'm still seeing the same problem, as reported below, and by others (including Trevor). BT have been useless in helping so far. They keep saying they don't support email on client software and, if the mail is visible on the BT Yahoo website, the problem is with my device/software. This is rubbish. I have 5 BT Yahoo email addresses, 3 of them work fine on the same devices. But the other two suddenly both stopped receiving new emails via IMAP synch. All their other folders (sent, draft, trash etc.) synch fine, and they can send messages. I've removed and reinstalled the accounts. I've also tried accessing on iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Outlook, Thunderbird. All with exactly the same problem. The error messages reported by the various programs include "Failed to update headers", "The UID of a message changed unexpectedly. This typically indicates a server error" and "Your server reported a UID that doesn't comply with IMAP standards" (Outlook) and "Unavailable UID fetch" (Thunderbird). I'm convinced the problem is with Yahoo's mail server, it seems as if there's some corruption in my Inbox or there's some "IMAP communication bug". But the guy from BT asked if he could close the fault log as they had done all they could to fix the problem, but I said NO! you haven't fixed the problem! I've tried Yahoo's scan and fix tool, but that reports no problems. Really struggling here. The only temporary/partial solution I've found is to create a new folder using webmail (I called it "New Inbox") and then set up a filter rule to transfer all new incoming mail to it. Now I can receive the new mail OK, but it's hardly ideal as it's not received into my real "Inbox" so notifications aren't triggered etc.

Shirley Saunders - 6 days ago Unable to get BT mail tonight 11 pm on iPad. I've no altered any settings.


Trevor Scowen - 7 days ago Problem with friends Mail client on iPad which was unable to fetch emails from their BT account for the last 9 days (no errors, just no recent mail). The BT webmail inbox contains emails up to today, so something is stopping them being fetched or manually pulled over. Set up same BT mail account on Thunderbird on win pc and yep it pulled all mail except ones for the last 9 days - it came up with an error message indicating that there is a problem with BT mail server. Called BT support and whilst explaining the problem and sitting waiting for them to investigate two more emails now dated a day more recent (only 8 days late now) arrived in Mail client on iPad, but checking the inbox on BT webmail again then showed all mail which previously was more recent than 8 days old has disappeared! I told this to the BT support person who was still on the line and she said we needed to arrange a telephone call from a more technical BT support team as this was now beyond her to do anymore. Had a talk later to the techies in India or wherever and they tried to fob me off with it was an iPad problem and the settings needed to have Auto-update switched on. We also needed to monitor the situation and if it persists, to arrange another conversation. This seems all too typical from BT these days. Frankly I’m jolly glad I switched from BT years ago...

Avril Farley - 10 days ago Forest 🌳Of dean went to collect mail at 1313 today, totally empty inbox, no joy on rebooting. This is on my iPad Air with latest software. Fed up, this is used for my business as well as personal matters.

Adrian Vincent - 10 days ago Still not working here. In desperation I started a Chat with BT. The "engineer" advised me to reset my IMAP settings which I did. But it still doesn't work reliably. All my folders (e.g. sent items etc) synch fine, but the Inbox is unreliable. The engineer told me that they couldn't offer any further support as the problem must be with my device! This is rubbish! I have 3 different Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) which ave all stopped working simultaneously, none of them has received a software update. Come on BT sort this out!

Carolyn Gibbs - 11 days ago My email on my desktop PC is not synching to the server and if I try to file emails they come back to the inbox. They have filed on my Android devices but the desktop is not picking this up. This has happened several times recently.

Liz Cooper - 11 days ago We have been having problems with BT email (similar to issues described below) since March and it has got progressively worse, becoming unusable on many occasions. BT finally admitted in late August that there is a known fault, but could not advise when it would be fixed. There was a suggestion that using a front end such as Outlook might help. In early September, I tried to do this unsuccessfully, and after a frustrating chat, was eventually given a different URL to use. This seemed to work better (though not perfectly) for a while, but now is as bad as ever.

Dave Hatchard - 12 days ago I am having a total meltdown with my BT email. I'm unable to login on either iPhone, iPad or web browser (does not recognise the email address that I've had for close on 20yrs) My last successful email was received last Monday. On Tuesday morning I started a web chat to try and resolve my issue... after two more web chats and three phone calls with three different BT call centre staff who's basic grasp of the English language is about as good as my Hindi. I am still no closer to resolving my issue. Gent has just phoned me now to ask if my issue has been resolved and can he close down the call. When I said no, his response was that basically he couldn't do any more and in his experience with other customers, once I am in this state of limbo I will have lost everything and it cannot be rectified. Has anybody got any advice on who in this massive fragmented organisation I could turn to, to try and offer me a glimmer of hope.????

Frances Lilley - 12 days ago BT Loads then can't delete anything - various errors - system busy - connection lost - moving emails etc. ... very annoying

doubi - 12 days ago Just been on with live chat. They said there's been an issue with mail for the last 4 days, and I should try again in 24 hours. Expecting it to be fixed during the day tomorrow; although if it's been going on for 4 days already, not much hope for that.

Adrian Vincent - 12 days ago I've been having problems on one of my BT Yahoo email accounts for over a week now. If I logon to BTYahoo website all my emails are there. But on this one account on multiple Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) they won't synch reliably via IMAP. Sometimes some of them arrive, only to disappear again on the next synch. My other BT Yahoo email accounts (accessed on the same devices) are all fine so suspect the problem is at Yahoo. Suppose I'll have to contact support, I was hoping it would resolve itself....

Kitty Grey - 14 days ago No BT mail for me. Can't access online on apps. said there was a security breach in one address and after going through security steps multiple times I am still locked out. Was on live chat and a phone call last night saying I should be able to access luck. BT I need in to my emails. What is going on??

Stephen Sidney - 15 days ago As of today I can no longer send or receive emails through Outlook 2016 (latest version). I have a BT Premium Email account. I was told by the Premium Email team that BT does not support Outlook and I can only access my emails through the website. I have always used Outlook but now I am being told I can't. The Premium Email team are a complete waste of time.

Stephen Sidney - 15 days ago After about 24 hours of not being able to send and receive emails and trying different settings, I put all the settings back how they were and now I can send and receive emails again with Outlook, Woo Hoo! But for how long?

Dai - 16 days ago Same problem - Office Outlook 2016 and iPhone mail unable to connect to BT servers, though password works fine on BT website to access Yahoo webmail. Very bad last 2 weeks. Suspected corrupt registry entry so MS support said upgrade to latest version of Office 365 + Outlook 2016. OK for 2-3 days then same or similar problem. Some BT support staff have admitted to known server problems that should be fixed in a few hours. They usually are (with no changes to my devices). Then same problem returns. Some messages got through to Outlook yesterday. IPhone locked out for 3 days. If this is a known intermittent server problem (apparently for IMAP connections) then BT should say so. Hours wasted resetting passwords and checking/upgrading own applications. May be affecting 10's of 1000's of BT users. This should be reported to FT to stir BT action. Have to drop BT soon if this continues - useless for business users.

Stary Tygrys - 17 days ago All my email accounts work well EXCEPT BT Mail (in my case, still BT Yahoo although BT has been telling me for the past 5 years that they are migrating me to BT Mail). I can always get my BT email through my browser but my mail apps (Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook) on my 3 iPads, my iPhone and my iMac all seem to have password problems. I re-enter the correct passwords and still cannot download my mail. This happens too frequently. Why?




BT Email Status Report for Thursday 5th & Friday 6th of October 2017:

Clark - 3 days ago Yahoo mail is down again and again, this is becoming a pain in the backside now.

steve - 6 days ago Yahoo mail not working. Today e mails being composed and sent disappearing but not showing in sent .HAVE THEY BEEN SENT .?Cannot check.

Crystal - 20 days ago Today we cannot send Yahoo email from our Apple iPads or Samsung Galaxy tablet, although we can receive emails on all devices. However, we can send Yahoo emails from our computers. All settings are correct, so we don't understand where the problem is. It can't be the Apps because those are different on the different tablets. It can't be the server because we can send from the computers. It can't be Yahoo for the same reason.

Jeffrey Matthews - a month ago Gone down won't let me sign in say oops try later clear cookies done that still nothing

Robert Wolfe - a month ago Slower than smoke! Junk they're putting out slows my computer! All it takes is leaving a yahoo tab open, it'll be no time until it's time to restart the computer!

Dave Shore - 2 months ago I have a email account and have been unable to connect/login for several days now!! There seems to be no public knowledge of this problem from Yahoo. What is going on? Have they been hacked again?

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Re: BT / Yahoo Mail Server problems - Confirmed

If you don't mind me saying, the people posting to that forum are better off posting to this forum - since they will get help and guidance from peer support or BT support.


There are clear problems with the mail service, that has been ongoing for years - not months.


The cases are enough to be relevant, despite probably millions of accounts having no issues.



The Apple issue seems to be a problem of their software, though that's to be properly confirmed - and users haven't specifically mentioned their version of software in use (or whether any recent updates have occurred).



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Re: BT / Yahoo Mail Server problems - Confirmed

Hi, I have been experiencing similiar problems to these using a Xperia XA Ultra phone on Android 7.0. For the last few weeks my problem as been with my phone email app, if I send an email from the phone and then delete it from the sent folder its deleted from the sent folder but does not appear in the trash folder on the phone. But the number of emails in the trash folder increase by however many sent emails I delete, just no email body of text. If I empty the email app trash folder all other emails delete from the trash but the folder number always shows the volume of sent emails I deleted but no text body. The deleted sent emails shows up in every other email trash folder, BT Yahoo web mail, Windows 10 Mail app and Gmail app. I have access to 5 other BT Yahoo email accounts and everyone of them works fine in all email apps with no problem sending or deleting. I have had an online chat session with BT which was a complete waste of time. Also now another problem, emails that I have received and have either deleted or sorted into folders in any mail app keep being received/duplicated days later in only the BT Yahoo web mail but the received date of the email is always 01/07/70. If I delete these emails, it deletes the original one I received days earlier from the folder I saved it to. I have spent weeks researching these problems to no avail and am at a lost as to what to do next. With any luck BT will pick up on this thread and pull their finger out. I have read posts on Yahoo owns forums where problems similar to these but not quite the same have been fixed by resetting server settings for individual accounts. Good luck everyone.

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