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BT Yahoo Mail - Settings - Alias, Disposable address , Autoforwarding.

In my search for the solution to another problem I came across a posting relating to Autoforwarding. I can't find this option in my BT Yahoo Mail settings. I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing.  Where should I be able to find the Autoforwarding setting?

I did come across the settings for Alias accounts. I was familiar with one of the Aliases but did not recognise the other. It is a **** account. It could well be a very old Alias, it's not something I've checked before. The one I do recognise is an old one. 

I also recognised the Disposable address. This is also an old account.

How does a Disposable Account differ from an Alias?

Should I be worried about the Alias account I do not recall setting up?

From previous discussions on the subject it would appear that even if there is anything to worry about I can't remove the **** account Alias account. I've not attempted to by the way.


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