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Re: BT Yahoo e mail

see this thread:


@gg30340: the answer to 'why don't we see more people with this issue' is that most people do not have the reflex & 'technical' mindset needed to review information on this board and 'ask your own question'.

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Re: BT Yahoo e mail

@gg30340 wrote:

Could be but if that was the case though would you not expect more people to have the same problem


Do you not believe me ?  :smileywink:


I see a few more are coming out of the woodwork now, but given that BT don't advertise the fact that secure connections are possible, I suspect that it's a very small minority that will be affected.


and if there was a change, should the users not have been informed before the change so that settings could be changed if required?


I suspect TPTB aren't even aware of the consequences of what they've done - so no need to tell anybody.


Did you have to change any settings or have problems?


No settings need changing, as such. My only problem was with the certificate, but it seems that's not the case for everybody...

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Re: BT Yahoo e mail

After e mail being up and down for 2 days, this solution (from another thread) fixed it for me "posters name was grandpa"


I am having exactly the same problems with Thunderbird.  I have complained to BT and received a ridiculous answer from someone abroad.  To fix it I have changed - Account Settings - Server Settings - Connection security  from STARTTLS to SSL/TLS.  I don't know what the effect of this is, but I can send and receive emails.  What a pity the support is so poor.

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Re: BT Yahoo e mail

I had this from this morning. I solved my problem... it was down to my spam filter - Peerblock - blocking the company providing the new mail service. once i allowed Critical path inc ,after finding this on a google search,


During the summer the BT Yahoo!  portal will close, but existing customers will still be able to access their BT Yahoo! Mail account by clicking on a link from Later in the year, existing customers will be moved to BT Mail. Your inbox, including all your folders, will be moved over and you will keep the same email address, although you may be prompted to change your password.  BT has chosen a company called Critical Path to provide the BT Mail new email service.

 We will be contacting all of our BT Yahoo! customers in the coming months to tell you what to expect before your email is switched to the new service. My windows mail worked again.


welcome to the world of last wednesday week.

there's now't wrong with 2 cans and a piece of string. at certain times, it is often faster.

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