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BT deleted my email account

Looking for any help or advice as I have just discovered my email account of some 20 years has been deleted without any notification - unless it was to the email account that I hadnt used for 150 days, which is some sort of Catch 22 I think, and despite BT using my other non-BT email address for all its correspondence with me. I admit I have used this account intermittently but have done so for 20 years with no problems using it for annual notificatons and contacts which will now be lost.   

I have contacted BT advice who were unhelpful and said there is no way to restore my emails even though they were only deleted on 14th June. Surely there must be backups that still exist. They mentioned some new service conditions that I have not been notified of but doubtless buried in several pages of small print. Who do my emails belong to and surely such a big change in service should have been publicised rather than slipped into some terms and conditions,

Thanks for the opportunity to ge this off my chest -and I think this needs wider publicity to prevent anyone else losing important emails / accounts

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Re: BT deleted my email account

It's an industry-wide policy I think, email accounts that aren't accessed for a long period (this period varies by provider but used to be 90 days for BT) are deleted if you don't take action to prevent it happening as per instructions in the prior notice they send you.

As for any backups, that's the responsibility of the account holder I reckon, not the provider. 

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