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Re: BT email accounts hacked



As a member of the forum and having come up with this idea, could you not pull all the tips together in to a usable form and once done then ask the moderators to make it a sticky?

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Re: BT email accounts hacked

I run a forum with a quite extensive membership.


I've received 6 dodgy emails from 5 (and 1 from yahoo) hacked accounts so far today.


The worst I've seen yet. Over past few months it's been one email from a hacked bt/yahoo account every couple of weeks or so.


Just letting you know.



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Re: BT email accounts hacked

Hilarious twitter exchange earlier today with @BTCare Smiley Happy


ME: "Looks like another round of spam coming from @BTCare / BTYahoo email accounts this morning. 4 So far today."

BT: "I am really sorry for this, have you spam guard turned on via webmail"

ME: "@BTCare Windmills do not work that way."

BT: "I'm not quite certain what you mean by 'windmills'"

ME: "@BTCare Windmills:  Advice for me to turn on spam filtering doesn't prevent your hacked customers from sending spam Smiley Happy"

BT: "Oh I see! Send me your details here  and I'll get in touch to investigate this further."


Made me laugh anyway... obviously little point providing further information on accounts that are not mine and I can't "speak to them about due to DPA" etc...

Tom - Mouselike
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Re: BT email accounts hacked

drsox wrote:

Spam from 4 people I know this morning, all BT customers, all same type of spam.


Seriously, when will this problem be fixed? It's astonishing and worrying how long it has gone on.

I've received one today "from" a person who only contacted me for something back in Oct 2011.


The subject title was "how are you?".


Was this the same for others receiving the same today ? (mine was sent at 01:04 this morning - via an Argentinian IP address).

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Re: BT email accounts hacked

Taffy078 wrote:

I've just tried to send a PM to StephanieG and the Mods, having saved them as 'friends'. I though I'd be able to add 'friend's to a PM as we do for distribution lists but I was wrong.


I then looked at the Contact Us link - it appears to be the standard BT template which usually takes forever to reach its destination.


Does anyone know if it goes straight to the Mods?


If not, is there a quick way to contact them?



A "siticky" has been requested many times, but to no avail.


I personally believe that Yahoo! do not know what's going on. I also believe that most of the security breach access was done at the same time some time in the past - hence the past few "runs" as it were are not new breaches.


Yet again I believe that the support people are looking in the wrong place, without any lateral thinking at all.


The problem has been that everyone was not made aware of the breach - which should have happened at the initial time it was first noticed. It's frankly appalling that nothing has been done in this regard, even just a service email to say that systems have been breached and people should alter their mail password. The email should NOT give links to login, but tell people where to go (e.g. and the steps needed to alter the password.


This may have prevented some recent spam attacks, but as seen on other posts in this thread, some folk have been subject to spam sending despite alternig their passwords.



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Re: BT email accounts hacked

The ones I recieved today had as subject:


fw: hey

Good evening!

fw: hello




Then a hyperlink in the body.



The IP's are

India, USA, Hungary and goodness knows where else.




Regarding your theory about a breech at yahoo, I have a number of btinternet addresses of my own that have been untouched, so far (touch wood). What that proves, I don't know.



Looking through, there has been one email to me from a hacked account every two to five days. Which is more than I said in my last post.

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Re: BT email accounts hacked

I had a number of spam emails sent from my primary email last night using an old contact list that appears to have been lifted from BT yahoo webmail. I changed my password and security question and logged into BT yahoo webmail and removed any contacts that were stored there (I rarely use BT yahoo webmail and instead use pop3 outlook express). A number of the old contacts were out of date so I only became aware when failure notices landed in my inbox.

Queried it with BT today and got a call back from a nonUK call centre saying account was fine etc and I only needed to change password. They couldn't give me any info date wise on when BT Yahoo would be closed and the replacement BT Mail introduced ("some time in summer"). Tonight another set of spam emails were sent (after password change) again with YahooMailWebService on source info. it would appear the BT Call centres don't have a clue when it comes to giving advice on this widely published problem

It's so frustrating - I appear to have no control over these spam emails sent on consecutive nights, BT are providing no actual help in how to stop them being sent. I wish there was a user option to disable BT Yahoo webmail as i would prefer suspending that and just sticking to outlook if it stops nightly spam emails being sent. This isn't a malware type infection on my local PC this is linked to Yahoo webmail and stolen data. 

Reading the media especially during last week this has gone on for months - I find it shocking that it's still happening and the new BT Mail service hasn't been introduced yet as this would close the BT Yahoo mail access I think ?

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Re: BT email accounts hacked

My Yahoo account was also hacked today but fortunately not my BTYahoo one,again it was using old data to send out emails. Strangely enough, not necessarily from my contacts folder but random one off email addresses that I had written to.


According to the login history the account was accessed from Chile.

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Re: BT email accounts hacked

Still trying to find the best permanent solution for this ongoing problem. One of the things that is apparent is that Yahoo mail have introduced a number of additional user security options that haven't been transferred over to BT Yahoo Mail options (eg under mail options > general) -  also  mentioned here :

some links that may be useful (apologies if already posted) - this one shows recent activity log on mail account :  (in my case it was hacked from Brazil via Yahoo! Partner's /Application)

and also second stage Sign-in Verification - which I can't get to work as I don't receive the mobile text to enter verification code even though I got an email notification to say my mobile number had been added so any advice on getting this to work appreciated :

Some discussion here :

Also BT Yahoo webmail deleted contacts - they are still stored under 'deleted contact' for up to 30 days so once deleted go back into webmail contacts > deleted contacts and delete again.

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Re: BT email accounts hacked

I have just emailed someone (DM) in the High Level Complaints team - obviously I can't show her email address. She was kind enough to let me have a managers' In-box address (below).


May I suggest that if you agree with what I 've written, please email Enniskillen to show your support. Given BT's track record (ostrich-like response) on this major problem for its customers, I am not confident that my/your emails will make a difference but, hey - we shouldn't let that stop us us.  Smiley Wink



Good morning. You emailed me in March following my written complaint to the BT Main Board directors. Someone from BT followed up with a phone call to tell me that a major news announcement was in the pipeline. (Presumably this referred to the news that you are ending your relationship with Yahoo.)
I wish to escalate my complaint. I am now receiving on a weekly basis emails purporting to be from contacts but which clearly aren't. All have Subjects such as "Hi","Hello", "Re. . ""
and the emails then contain a link to a website.
I am having to email the contacts concerned to tell them that their BT mail account has been hacked. I am not a PC expert so can only advise them to change their password and security question, and how to check from where the email came. I could tell them to contact BT but judging by some of the recent posts in your Community Forum thread ( they would be wasting their time speaking to your overseas Help Centre.
To date, the thread has been viewed 8,414 times and it contains 758 posts, surely a record. If anyone (in authority) bothered to look at that thread they would surely be appalled by the huge number of complaints against BT, its failure to advise customers what is happening.
I am Taffy078 and (if you bothered to look at the thread) you would see that on 05-06-2013 at 7h53 I asked if a moderator/manager could pull together a list of all the steps that need to be taken by someone who has been hacked and that the list should be made a sticky. This would be at least some sign that BT is concerned. The action that BT should take is to contact all its customers.
So, please escalate my complaint urgently. I am not holding my breath.

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