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BT email password cannot be reset

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A very long tail of woe - in short over two hours on the phone to three BT people with a view to resetting a BT email password and still no joy.


Now the background


Two years ago my partner who was a BT account holder sold her property and moved in with me. I am also a BT customer. We simply wanted to retain her email address and link it to my account. At the time it took very many calls to BT and very many hours to try to accomplish this task. Surely we are not the only two separate BT account hiolders who have wanted to do this?


Once BT told me it had been done I was unable to prove it as the email address has never appeared as one of my addresses. Nonetheless the email has continued to work on two existing devices.


Last week we attempted to set up a new mobile device to access my partner's emails. The password, of which we were confident, was not accepted. We followed the forgotten password link. We were asked to enter sercutiry details (date of birth, post code, mother's maiden name). We tried every conceivable combination including those related to my countinuing account and those related to her defunct account. No joy. When I tried the same procedure of one of my original email addresses we got in with no problem.


We ended up speaking for over an hour, first on 'chat', then the phone to have the password reset. He told me he had changed the password, and after intially telling me he was not allowed to let me have the password, was convinced to let me know the new password. It did not work. At this point I began the complaint procedure.


A further call from BT and a further twenty minutes or so answering endless questions resulted in escalation to tier 2.


Today's call from tier 2 resulted in someone resetting the password. But, the password does not work. Throughout the whole process the two devices my partner continues to use are still working. This suggests to me that BT are actually not changing the password at all.


My suspicion is that the trauma of two years ago resulted in my partner's email address ending up detached from accounts and only still existing by luck, or by BT's failing to get round to tidying up so far.


How can it possibly take so many hours and so many conversations to do (or in fact fail to do) such straightforward tasks?


Help please.

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Re: BT email password cannot be reset

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@paulwhybs welcome to the community I'm sorry about the recent problems with you're partners email password. We'll be able to chase this up with the email team if you use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



Community ModeratorNeilO
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Re: BT email password cannot be reset

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I have now managed to resolve this simply by finding the password written down on a long forgotten piece of paper. My 'complaint' went through escalation to tier 2. In total I spoke with 3 peopl from BT (all offshore). The last lady was very confident that the reason I could now sign in was some solution BT had come up with. Total nonsense - unless they subliminally told my partner where the piece of paper was!


My opinion that the BT help desk setup is completely unfit for purpose has been confirmed completely.


The final person I spoke to was suggesitng that the email service is a free add on anyway - I think her point being that therefore I should not expect to get much more help. As the account holder I pay a monthly fee for a package of services. Email is one of them.

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Re: BT email password cannot be reset

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Actually the BT email service is regarded by BT as a "Value Added" service and they are under no obligation - they, in effect, have given us a "freebie". That said, BT's concept of "customer service" is at complete variance with what the rest of the world would regard as customer service - ie solving the customer's problems and providing excellent quality of service. Incidentally, I wouldn't touch BT's customer help facilities with a bargepole - utterly useless and potentially dangerous as they leak sensitive customer data to their "contacts" - though I only have circumstantial evidence rather than hard proof of that.

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