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BT filters out some messages - how do I stop this?

BT seems to have overzealous spam filters. There are various messages I never receive. One is e-mail notifications of personal messages from a forum I beling to ( I get these notifications very occasionally).

The other is some password reset links - which is quite important. eg I am trying to rest my Soundcloud account but the reset link doesn't get to me. This happened with another online community I was trying to join - I never got the authentication link.

I've had the same BT e-mail address for over 20 years so don't want to change it.

I wrote to BT (postmaster) a while back about the forum and they told me it was a fault with the forum software (some technical issue) - but this is hardly likely to be the same for Soundcloud....

I'm not technical though my sons are. Can anyone help? It only happens sometimes...with some wesbites/facilities

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