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BT have agreed to refund me for poor email service since migration to BTmail. Here's how.

I've also posted this information as a reply to various other discussions so apologies if you've already read it


I have managed to get BT to agree to refund me for poor service since migration to BT mail on 1st October. I recommend others do so too.


Unfortunately BT can't authorise payment until the problem is fixed so you'll have to phone back sometime in the future to complete the process but it is important to log the complaint now.


First report a fault (by phone or email): I notified BT of slow service and too frequent time outs due to the firewall interface problem they had previously told me about - and, as a result of the repeated reload etc, excess bandwidth useage (more info below).


Note: Today, a very helpful person from the faults team called Mythilm told me that "It is an ongoing issue"; It is " a common fault on most customer accounts" "There will be a notification when the problem is solved. It is not known when that will be."


The BT bill team initially said that I would only be compensated for days since I had reported the fault. This was rescinded after I explained that the service section of the website had reported the faults on other days and it was unreasonable of them to require me to report the fault  on those days (and in any case they wouldn't have wanted me to do so as their complaints line would have been overloaded).


Make sure that the person handling your complaint notes the days affected before your fault complaint is registered (in my case 15th Oct). The website was showing service outage messages on 1st and 2nd Oct. and another a week or so later - I think it was 9th. Unfortunately the faults history seems to be deleted from the website on a daily basis. 


Phone and add more days if the fault appears again. 


When you're notified that the situation has been resolved, phone BT's billing dept and claim the refund.


Good luck and please let others know what they can do. Maybe together we will persuade BT to improve the service very soon!


Note on broadband useage

I downloaded a bandwidth monitor which shows approx 50k /s every time I get a "system busy" or similar message and lasts anything from 5-15 secs. The timeouts happen every 4 mintes (I tested this with the support time team on 15th. Oct). Scale by the number of minutes you are logged in per day, the number of days affected and number of email accounts and the numbers soon get very big - I reckon it's 2G for me so far this month  - which takes me over my bandwidth allowance. It's only £5.30 per 5G  but I object to paying BT for bandwidth that is being imposed on me to deliver a non-functioning service!


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Re: BT have agreed to refund me for poor email service since migration to BTmail. Here's how.

I'm sure every body will be interested to see if this comes to fruition and you get compensation for the email service which BT say is a "free value added service".


Meanwhile I appreciate that you are trying to inform all users about this but please follow the forum guidelines.


"Don't post the same message multiple times across the forum. Please post your message in the most appropriate section of the forum for your topic" 

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