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BT new email system - No spam emails does the spam box do anything.

I am using the new BT email system and I have noticed I get no emails in my spam box, everything turns up in the inbox.

My wife uses the same system and she is the same ?

With the old Yahoo system if you marked an email as spam it would move to your spam box and then in the future emails from that client would also go to spam.

It was a useful filing system for dumping distractive emails so you could revisit later as occasionally there was one you wanted to view.

I thought you may have to teach the new system what you decided as spam so I have been marking over the last month certain emails as spam and off they go to the spam box but then new emails from the same client turn up in the inbox and not spam. 

In short does the new BT email spam box do anything apart from store emails you have marked as spam ?

I look forward to any help or comments on the above issue, perhaps its just me having a problem !

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