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BT server auto deleting Emails

Need help I use an iphone 6s for emails but for some reason the BT Server is deleting my emails after approx 10days. for example the earliest inbox email is the 25/07/18 i have at this time exactly 11 emails in my in box.  sent items are all there no problem.  I thought it was a phone problem so i contacted  Vodaphone they said there is no archive on my phone. Next we checked via Google by BT account and the emails are not there.  Ive had my phone checked by our IT group and there is nothing wrong with my phone.

I also have an I pad the in box has all my emails 100's the i pad is not affected by my phome issue.

can anyone help with this when i called BT im told it cant be a BT problem.  but it is.



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Re: BT server auto deleting Emails

How do you have your devices email accounts set up?

Are they using IMAP or POP3.

It appears to me that the iPad is on POP3 which downloads your emails onto the device and the iPhone is on IMAP which synchronises/replicates  the BT servers.

If that is the case you need to check that the iPad email app is not set to delete downloaded emails from the server after 10 days. 

If it is it will mean that all your emails on the BT server will have been deleted hence the reason your iPhone can not see them.

You should log onto your email account via webmail and check the trash folder incase the deleted emails are there.

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