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BT support - email

Can anyone tell me if there is any change going on regarding BT support?  I have been unable to use BT mail on my Mac since 1.22am on 14th September.  I can see mail via '' but it is not very user friendly and I just dont see why mail is not working how it should.  I waited as I have had similar problems before which righted themselves within 24 hours.  This time no such luck so I contacted BT Chat.  The operator was obviously dealing with several people as the gaps between her asking me a question and responding to my answer was several minutes each time.  At one point she came back and said she had changed my password and gave me the new one.  This made no difference to the email problem so she told me to reboot the computer (which of course lost our contact).  I gave up.

Today I decided to have another go.  Chat person asked abut the problem, then questions to identify me.  I was to log out, switch off computer, leave for 10 minutes, then retry.  She also gave me phone number 0800 111 4567 to contact if not resolved.  I did as she asked but no difference so phoned the number, hoping it might be someone in UK, but no.  

This lady checked all the details, asked me again for landline number, then said she was very sorry but my record was blank.  I asked what that meant and was told to phone the 0800 number again and I would be able to speak to someone else.  What on earth is going on??

Is anyone else having a problem getting help?  Or does anyone have an answer to my email problem?   I would be very grateful.






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Re: BT support - email


One way to combat the PC reboot is to chat online on another device and make the changes as required. Of course if they tell you to reboot the router then all bets are off again.

One thought I had was do you have an adblocker running in an browser extension perhaps. I know from personal experience on Chrome that adblockers sometime messes with web pages. I noticed I had mine turned off for which I think used to affect an old login page. I don't need adblocker on so I turned it off to make it work a while back.

That said I tried using today and found the adblocker did not affect the email. I'm not sure that helps but its worth a shot perhaps.

On the help front BT is not the easiest to work with service wise. One trick is to perhaps call during uk business hours when its less likely to be busy (not sure when that is of course) I read somewhere that BT was bringing most service back to the uk but I'm guessing that in peak times when they may be overloaded then its probably pinging off shore to pick up the slack. 

Your experience so far looks remarkably like they are following simple scripts, thing is I cannot see any reason why someone would want to reboot the PC to access email but hey its over 10 years since I worked at BT perhaps there are things that may be afecting it. 

I'm not sure its still true but one trick a couple of years ago was to keep making calls to support but hanging up after 10 mins and restarting again. It used to escalate the calls to a higher level having said that my experience of the higher level was not that great In the end I took to bother the CEO team. You can find out who the CEO is and then look up using google how to find their phone number and email address and bother them. Usually if you do this on a sat afternoon of even a sunday the CEO will actually respond but there is a team in Ireland the last time I poked them who deals wilth so called escalations etc. Its worth a try. HTH

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