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BT switch to Yahoo sent me conflicting emails - what's going on?

The feared switch from the BT-Yahoo email service to BT's "new improved" email service has finally reached my preferred email address. It's hardly worse than I expected - for me the main nasty was the instant deletion of my remaining disposable addresses (and on another account the auto-forward setting was lost). 

BUT I have a couple of strange emails. One has the subject: "You'll no longer receive new emails; update your settings today" and the other just says "welcome to your new and improved email". The first is a bare-faced lie - there was no need to change any settings. Lucky for me I know not to believe autogenerated claims from BT. What's really odd, though, is that they seem to be the same email. That is, they were downloaded by two different email clients and show the same sender and timestamp. What's going on? Has BT modifying the message after it arrived in my inbox? Should I be comfortable with that?

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Re: BT switch to Yahoo sent me conflicting emails - what's going on?

There was no "bare faced lie". It is a generic email sent out to all the users on the BTYahoo system because both Yahoo servers and BT servers would work with BTYahoo accounts and BT has no way of knowing who uses an email client or which servers are being used.

Obviously the change of email settings would only be of applicable for people who use an email client and had it set up to use the Yahoo servers instead of the BT servers which yours would appear to be using.

If the user already had the BT server settings there was nothing to be done but if they were using the Yahoo settings their email client would stop accessing their email.

As regards the two emails. One is sent to tell the recipient to change settings if relevant and the other tells the recipient that they have been migrated onto the BTMail system. There is similar information contained in the emails no doubt to ensure  that the recipient gets potentially be important information regarding their email account.


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Re: BT switch to Yahoo sent me conflicting emails - what's going on?

Quick answer, but hopelessly ill informed. Please reconsider your claim to sagacity.

The email I called a bare face lie was indeed untrue. It informed me specifically that my setting s would need to change when L use several email clients and none of them needed changing at all. A responsible adult would have worded the message to recognise that the need to change was only a possibility. There was a clear implication that BT could tell whether one's client setting were wrong, but it looks as though they really cannot.

The trouble with the two emails was that they appear to have been conflated. Each client picked up either one or the other but not both and both were shown as having the same time. Sending one email as a warning and another on completion would be sensible and one might reasonably expect them to be about a day apart. Nothing like that, they were not separated at all and the second seems to have overwrite the first. So I ask again, what is going on?

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Re: BT switch to Yahoo sent me conflicting emails - what's going on?

I make no claim to "sagacity".  Users of the forum do not control what is "awarded" as a title, just as you were a "Visitor" when you first posted and then "Newbie" on your subsequent posts and now you are a "Beginner".  I will eagerly await to see what you are next awarded.

Regardless of the above, I will now happily leave you seek your answer from some other person who is not as "  hopelessly ill informed" as you seem to think I am.